The Other Woman of ‘Nashville,’ Kimberly Williams Paisley, Is Anything but Naughty in Real Life

ABC’s drama, Nashville, mixes music and misadventure in perfect proportion, and actress, Kimberly Williams Paisley, as Peggy Kenter has spiced things up particularly well of late, stopping at nothing to be the woman in Mayor Teddy’s life. The Mayor (Eric Close) is so captivated by old flame, Peggy and her late-night drop-by’s behind closed doors at his office, he is divorcing his country queen wife, Rayna Jaymes, spinning his home life and the storylines for a loop. Paisley confirmed today that “it’s on” between her character and Close, and she thinks “the best time in Peggy’s life is going to be the worst time.” The revelation came as she stopped by The Talk, but Paisley preferred chatting about her handsome husband, Brad, their history, and their mission to help ravaged island nation, Haiti.

This week marks 10th anniversary for Kimberly and Brad, and she loves that her shooting schedule allows her to stay near home, and balance roles between bad girl on Wednesday nights, and mom the rest of the time. She retold the story of Brad’s proposal on a favorite pier near Santa Monica, which Brad had ordered her agents to dispatch her to, feigning a photo shoot. As she walked what seemed like endless steps, her country superstar popped out by the public bathrooms, knelt on one knee, and the toilets flushed as she answered “Yes.” Besides balancing big careers and home life with two boys, the Paisley’s preferred charity is Live Beyond. Paisley describes the couple’s time there as “beyond anything you can imagine. They don’t have Band-Aids. They need everything,” and most recently, their efforts of been purposed toward providing clean drinking water. Too bad her Nashville character hasn’t got such pure motives! The next new episode airs March 27.

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