The Pact

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the pact

face to face with her at last

my eyes walked o’er her frame

her green eyes gleamed with inner fire

and mine shone just the same

we both shook hands, spoke pleasantries

first touch electrified

insides abuzz with lightning bugs

enthralled – we both felt why

we grabbed a coffee for the road

our fingers intertwined

we walked and talked of all we loved

my soul in hers reclined

my heart was dovetailed into hers

we fit so perfectly

though not the same, we complement

our passions set us free

we stopped under a shady elm

and leaned against the tree

in dreamy shade our eyes love made

no place we’d rather be

“I dream of you” – “I know” said she

“I tremble now…” – “Me too…”

“You are my drug…” – “Come take a hit”

‘twas what I’d hoped to do

on tippy toes she offered me

her ruby colored lips

she whispered “Take these…” and I did

my hands caressed her hips

first kiss lingered – no need to rush,

we tasted tenderly

until she nipped and drew first blood

then licked it playfully

then passion rose like summer clouds

she brought me bliss through pain

and feeling thunder in our hearts

love sweet began to reign

“Sometimes I’m hard on those I love,

Sometimes I need my space -

but, I will love through thick and thin…”

a tear ran down her face

“So, can you love me through all this…?”

“I will…” was my reply

she let that settle in her heart

then answered “So will I… “

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