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We did get to San Francisco but not without incident.  Our first flight was delayed 1 1/2 hours. Our second flight was delayed 1 hour due to airplane lavatory failure (we’re kind of glad they fixed that before leaving for a 4 hour flight).  When we arrived at San Francisco, the airplane gate operator could not be found and we spent another 25 minutes locked in a plane that just kept getting hotter.  But we made it and enjoyed a nice meal of Thai cuisine our first night in the fog city. I was so hungry and tired, photos were out of the question but it was good and the neighborhood we were in, The Castro District, was …. well…. interesting. 

At approximately 5:25 am, there was a 4.0 earthquake.  We were in bed an just looked at each other. “What was that?”   “I thought it was you”  “It wasn’t me. Maybe it was a train.”  “It wasn’t a train, there was no other noise. It was probably someone trying to get in or out downstairs.”    Forgotten…until breakfast when the B&B manager asked if it woke us up.   We thought it was just too cool.  An earthquake!  That’s just SOOO San Francisco.  Open-mouthed smile

We did get some exercise in before breakfast.  We walked 2 miles to the  Golden Gate Park where I had originally intended to run.  Instead, we kept walking and exploring until we came to the old Kezar Stadium with a beautiful big track.  I did a couple of easy paced miles around before my hands were about to freeze off.  In total, with the walking, I got in 6.7 miles.  As for the rest of the week, I’m taking it easy. There’s a little hip and hamstring pain going on so a couple days rest then I may hop on a treadmill somewhere for some speed work.  Any long run is doubtful until we get home.

The Parker House.

We are staying at The Parker House 521 Church Street in San Francisco. 

It’s beautiful and the staff is never seen without a smile. They offer the best toiletries!

Terra Pure Organic and Natural.  It felt so good on my hair and body… I could have stayed in the tub all day. But there were places to go and more things to eat…

We made our way on the F Line to Fisherman’s Wharf

A little shopping…

The sea lions

A little bit of “We’re so happy to be here”…


Window shopping and smelling the sourdough bread baking at Boudin

Lunch at Alioto’s

Pinot Noir and sour dough bread

Field green salad with blue cheese crumbles

Seafood stew, warming and delicious

On to Ghirardelli for chocolate heaven

A FREE caramel chocolate just for walking into the store!

We didn’t leave empty handed. We bought a good stash of assorted chocolate and bars to satisfy our cravings for days…weeks to come.

We had a wonderful day at the Wharf. It was cool and windy which was a good excuse for me to buy a bamboo scarf.  Since the sun was shining and my sunglasses were in the Denali at Syracuse airport, there was my excuse to buy a new pair of Ray Bans.  As I said, what a great day at Fisherman’s Wharf.


Dinner at Jake’s on Market

The beet salad with goat’s milk cheese

A rolled sole stuffed with crab and shrimp on top of sautéed water spinach

What a day. What a city.

Tomorrow we leave for Fresno but probably not the direct route.  Stay tuned for more California travels.


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