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The Party is his life. He has no friends outside the party. He lives and works on the compound and his friends are party members who live near the compound so he never socializes with non-party members. He only reads books on the party's approved list. He does not watch television except for party-approved videos. (The compound does not receive cable or broadcast signals, nor does it have Internet access.) 
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All that is true, I guess, but it doesn't shed much light on the real me. For example, it makes it sound like I live a narrow and unfulfilled life. Nothing could be further from the truth. The Party has approved hundreds of books and videos, many of which deserve re-reading and re-watching. Lack of Internet access and cable TV simply gives me more time to think. You Americans do not think anymore. That's one of the problems The Party was founded to fix. And as for friends, Mike and Robert are the salt of the earth. Time spent hanging out with them is time well spent.

If my life was narrow, would I ever dare disagree with the tenets of The Party as formulated by The Leader? I'll tell you right now, the answer is NO! But I have. I am speaking of The Party's position on gay marriage. You will not be surprised to hear that we are supposed to be against it. But I believe that this is a knee-jerk position. I even told this to The Leader. He was not happy to hear it. But after I explained my thinking, he said that it was food for thought.

Here's my thinking: current science shows that homosexuality is genetic. This means they can't help what they are. So blaming them and hating them is not right. We don't blame Negroes for being Negroes. We blame them for trying to pollute our race or for racism against us.

But genetic homosexuality means it can be inherited. Many male homosexuals – don't ask me why – marry heterosexual women and have children. This means they pass on their degenerate genes. If they marry each other, there's no chance of that. That's why I support it. I think you will agree that this is a broad-minded position. 


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