“The Path” (FWE Tanka)

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“The Path”


A lone path beckons

Boasting her vernal beauty

In the morning light

Absconding from the chaos

To seek peace in the unknown









This week try your hand at writing a tanka. 5 lines with the 5/7/5/7/7 syllable count. Write about whatever you want but make sure to focus on the emotional ties you have to the subject. Please no more than three posts per person, I’d like to have some time to fully appreciate your work.

Prompt: May 6th—May 15th ‘FWE ~ Tanka’

Deadline: Thursday, May 14th Midnight ET

Put ‘FWE Tanka’ in your title and tag and post to Gather Writing Essentials or I will not find it. Remember to put ‘whetstone’ at the bottom if you would like constructive criticism or edits from me.




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