The Phoenix Three: No Greater Love© Chapter One

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Risa’s Escape


“How did I end up here? I remember growing up the happiest little girl, with my sisters, Callie and Ca-te; and our boys, Ni-ta, Nathan and my precious Joshua Daniel. Then, Joshua and I were married and everything changed. Not, because we were not meant to be together, but because we had a dark cloud descended upon us.

Joshua Daniel, why did you leave me? If you had not left me, none of this darkness would have entered our lives! Dammit! I need you! You promised that you would never leave me and you did. Then, I ended up with this damned demon.

Why did everything have to change? I know that is the one thing that will never change…you can’t change change. Change is a given in life, But, why did that have to change? Why couldn’t you still be here? How can you not be here?

I’ve got to get all these things packed and into the car, tonight, before the demon comes home. Then, we must get out of here, in the morning, as soon as he leaves for work. I won’t be able to leave, until he, his friend and his whore leave for work.

They all watch me as if they are rabid vultures, ready to peck at some decaying flesh. It’s as if they can read my thoughts. I’m not crazy! Well, maybe that is debatable. After all, I’ve always been able to read other people’s thoughts, so why does it seem impossible for someone to read mine?

I’ve got the children in their beds and they are fast asleep, Now, if I can relax and act as if nothing is amiss, then maybe I can get through this night and they will all leave for work in the morning and I can finally break free from this prison. Oh please God, let us get away without him knowing. Send angels to watch over us, this night and to help us get away with our lives, tomorrow.

No matter what happens, I will get my children out of here! If we all die, at least we will be with you, again my precious Joshua Daniel. I miss you so much. I just want to be in your arms, again and feel your breath upon my skin; look into your eyes, and know that everything is going to be alright.

I always felt safe with you. You always had the most amazing calming effect on me. No matter how distraught I was, you could just look at me, or touch me in that special way that only you could, or whisper my name and all was right in my world.

I am so sleepy, but I am afraid to fall asleep. I never know when something will set him off and he will attack. If only, I can make it through the night…”

“Risa, darlin. You must wake up. He is about to leave and you must get the children out of here. Risa, wake up, baby. Get our children out of this place and home, where you belong.”

“No, I want to stay here, with you. Baby, here in my dreams is the only place that I can be with you. I need to be with you. I always have. Please don’t make me wake up. Not yet. Give me a few more minutes here in your arms, where I am safe, loved and happy.”

“Risa! I said, WAKE UP! NOW!”

I heard my children screaming for me, “Mommie! Mommie! Come quick! He is trying to make us leave with him!”

I jumped out of the bed, landing hard on my side, as I tripped over one of the kids toys. “Sweet Jesus, get me to my children, quickly!”, I prayed, while running into the front of the house to see him with one child under each arm, as if he was carrying two potato sacks.

“Put my kids down, this instant!”

He looked at me and, then just dropped them onto the floor, as if they were nothing, while he sneered, “Well, I figured that would get the Sleeping Beauty in here, where you belong. Get your ass in the kitchen and fix our breakfast, so we can go to work, you worthless bitch!”

I looked at my wee children lying on the floor, crying. To say that I was nervous, would definitely be an understatement. I packed all of the kids clothes and favorite toys the night before and then put the bags into the trunk of my car. I had just taken one beating too many.

I worked hard, went to school and took care of my children, while he slept around with whomever he pleased and falsely accused me of doing the same things. I only married him, because Mama and Luther kept telling me that the kids needed a father.

My children were not Leonard’s. They were the product of mine and my Joshua Daniel’s love. He was my one true love and I missed him with every waking moment. I missed his touch in my sleep. I spoke to him, the entire time I packed the children’s things to break free from the hellish prison that demon held us in. I had made up my mind to go home; home to Texas; home to my precious soul-sisters, Callie and Ca-te.

No one ever understood our bond as sisters. Hell, we didn’t understand it, either. We just knew that we were sisters, no matter if we had the same blood flowing through our veins, or not. We didn’t have to speak a word and could be a thousand miles apart and could tell exactly what the others were thinking or feeling.

Joshua and I had this same connection, before he was killed. I saw him killed right before my very eyes, while I was bound and gagged with no way to defend either of us, or to even scream for help. That nightmare haunted me with each passing day and the only thing that gave me the strength to carry on, was raising the children that Joshua and I conceived together, with our love.

I wanted to be long gone before the demon came home, but I knew that I couldn’t safely leave while his sidekick was still home and until the demon’s girlfriend left for work at the nude bar, where she was a dancer. Oh, I hated living in that trailer park with the demon’s girlfriend living on one side of me and his friend on the other side. But, since the demon still had not left for work, I had no choice but to make a run for it, while he was there. Something bad was about to go down and I could feel it brewing!

One of my many curses, is having the ability to speak telepathically, so I looked into Brendan’s eyes and told him to run to the car, quickly. I ran with Tara Kendall, but before we made it to the driveway, the demon showed up with his friend and girlfriend. “Where the hell do you think you’re going?” he yelled.

“I’m leaving! You son-of-a-bitch! I will not stay here for you to sleep with your whore and falsely accuse me of sleeping around. I’m working to pay the bills that you should be paying and you will not beat me again!” I grabbed Brendan under one arm and had Tara Kendall under the other arm and ran with them to the car, screaming for him to leave us alone. I heard shots fired, but didn’t look back, as I felt the bullets parting my hair. I put Brendan and Tara in the car. “Brendan, strap your sister in her car seat and put your seatbelt on, NOW!”

The demon grabbed me from behind and spun me around to hit me, as I heard another shot fired and saw his arm burst open where he’d been shot. He released me as I turned to see Callie and Ca-te riding in and they both had their weapons aimed at him and his thugs. Callie shouted, “You’re a dead man, if you touch her again! Now, drop your weapons and I’m not asking!”

The Seminole ran from the tree line and surrounded Leonard, the demon, Greg, his friend, and Candy the stripper. The children were terrified and screaming. I was so excited to see them and the fear just seemed to leave me, knowing that with my sisters, I could do anything. I was also glad that they brought the bikes. I needed to feel the wind in my hair. “Ya’ll brought my bike!”

Ca-te said, “I’ll drive your car and take care of the kids. I don’t like Callie’s bike and we couldn’t bring all three, besides, you’re a much better shot than me.”, as she winked at Callie.

Callie chimed in with her banter, “Yes! I’ll take my bike and gladly give you yours Risa. Yours is too big for me. I love a big bike, but not quite that big and I knew that Ca-te would never be able to get her toes to touch the ground!”

Ca-te quipped back, “Well, we can’t all be Amazons, chu-me-eca-lo (smart-ass)!”

We all laughed as we hugged each other and I said, “I’m just glad that you’re here. I knew I could count on my soul-sisters.” I hugged each of the Seminole and thanked them for coming to our aid. “You’ve always stepped in to defend me and have treated me and my children as family.”

Nathan stepped before me, in his bronzed, shirtless glory and his hair hanging down to his waist. He reached out and gently held my face in his hands, as he looked deeply into my eyes, he said, “It kills me inside, when I see what he has done to you. You are the kindest human being that I know. You always give more of yourself to anyone in need. Even when I don’t think that you have anything left to give, you find it. You have come to the Rez and brought food, clothing, and insisted that the elders have their blood pressure and blood sugar checked. When I was injured, you came and took care of me and never left my side, knowing that he would beat you when you returned. I know that you miss your Josh and if I had the power within me to bring him back, I would. For you, I would do anything. You are the only sunshine in my life. It is your light that is in every part of me. All I want is to see that light inside of you, too. Your light shines so brightly for everyone but yourself. Shine for yourself, my Risa, my hissi-homa. Let that light shine within yourself, as your hair does in the sun.”

For the first time, he took me into his arms and kissed me. He was very tender, because my face was swollen and bruised. My lip was cut from the beating the night before. It was more of a tease than a kiss, but I felt safe within the protective circle of his arms, so I wrapped my arms around his neck, slipped my fingers into his hair and pulled him closer to me as I opened myself up to his passionate kiss. “Nathan, you have always and will always be a part of me.” It took more strength than either of us was willing to give to pull away from that embrace, but we all knew that the sooner I got on my bike and we rode out, the better.

Before Nathan released me from this loving and protective embrace, he softly told me, “I will be home, soon. I will take care of things here and give you time with your sisters. Don’t worry. I will call you and I will never be too far.” He gave me one last kiss, and  said, “Ride the wind, my Che-hul-ki!”


Once I was sure that my family was safely on their way home, I turned my full attention to Leonard and the others. The Seminole and I rounded them as if stalking our prey. I looked straight at Leonard and pointed to him, “You are such a coward to beat a defenseless woman and terrorize her children. You will never harm her again!” I leaped into the air as if I had wings and kicked Leonard square in the face. The fight ensued, with each of the Seminole taking their turns with Greg, Leonard’s friend and Candy, the stripper. Leonard belonged to me; it was a matter of honor and I would deal with Leonard myself, for what he had done to Risa. Or, so I thought.

Out of nowhere, a wolf flew over my head and tore into Leonard. The wolf shook this six foot- four inch, two hundred and thirty pound man as if he were nothing but a rag doll. Once the wolf was satisfied, he turned to me, and I instantly knew him from the wolf’s aqua blue eyes. I chuckled, “Brother, he was mine.” As if in answer to my remark, the wolf walked toward Leonard, stood over him and raised his leg, while he looked at me with what appeared to be an extremely satisfied grin. All the Seminole belted into laughter.

I couldn’t get her off my mind; everything reminded me of the only girl that I had ever loved. All I wanted was to be with her, my light, but I had that one embrace; the one kiss. I kept telling myself that if I never had more, I would live out my days a happy man, but I still wanted more. All of my friends knew better. I had no real family here, but they were like family and they told me that I should go home to Texas; home to her.


I remember being so afraid that we would not get there in time. I was frightened that we would arrive and find Risa and the kids badly hurt, or worse, dead. We knew that Leonard was crazy and never understood why Mama and Luther insisted that Risa take up with him.

Risa never had a chance to properly heal from her grief over losing Josh in such a tragic manner. God, with all that my sister has been through, it is a wonder that she has had the ability to keep us all together. I don’t think that I could walk in her squaw-boots. As it is, with our powers as empaths, I have felt everything that she has felt, but I didn’t have to make the decisions and choices that were forced upon her. All I could do was be there for her and to love her, as she deserved.

I knew that I would kill the some-bitch and his thugs, if I had to, to protect our family. We sisters simply could not function without each other. We were always most happy and powerful, together. Risa is the shining force…the glue that holds us together…the heart. Ca-te is the balance and I am the instigator. I’m the one who always wants to settle things by having a good old fashioned butt-kicking contest. We each have our strengths and weaknesses, but we complimented one another and was as if we were each an extension of the same person.


I went to Callie and said, “We need to go get Risa and the kids. I know that she always wants us to let her handle it, but I fear the worst this time.”

Callie said, “I know and I feel it, too. I have the bikes ready. We’re leaving right now.” She handed me a .357 Magnum and a .45, along with extra ammo and said, “I know that you don’t like it, but that some-bitch will not lay another hand on her.” I nodded as I took the weapons and stored them in my saddlebags.

I called on Nathan, my adoptive brother, “Get your Seminole brothers to Risa’s keep an eye on the situation and assist if needed. We’re on our way.” We wasted no time on our Harleys getting to Risa and the kids, in Okeechobee, Florida, as we were traveling light and fast.

We made the long journey home, with Risa riding alongside Callie, who never said a word, unless in response to something that Risa asked. Callie knew that she needed the silence to process things for herself, but she also knew that Risa was happy that we came for her and the kids. That’s what sisters do. Callie and I didn’t understand their bond, either, we just accepted it. We were sisters and those kids were our nephew and niece and we’d give anyone who tried to say otherwise, the what for’s and then some’s.

Risa could not get Josh out of her mind, thinking that if he hadn’t been killed, then none of this would have happened. She also couldn’t get Nathan out of her mind. Was it possible to be completely in-love with two men? She still dreamed of Josh making passionate love to her each night, but she had also started having fantasies about Nathan. How could this be? She felt guilty! She felt like she was committing adultery—not against the demon, but against her beloved Josh. I know this, because we all share the ability to KNOW what each other is thinking or feeling. We are empaths.

I followed Callie and Risa in the car and consoled the children, by telling them stories. I told them a story about Catherine and Running Bear. Risa, Callie and I knew bits of the story, yet none of us knew where we had learned this story. I remember when we were little girls, I began telling the story, Risa chimed in with the middle and Callie finished it. We all looked at one another, amazed, and all said at the same time, “You know the story?” How was this possible? None of us had ever heard this story from anyone and none of us had ever shared it with anyone, until that moment, with each other. It was yet another mystery to our bond.

The kids enjoyed their trip with their Auntie Ca-te. They always liked hearing stories and having the three of us was like having three Mamas. How many kids had three Mamas? They didn’t know of anyone that had three Mamas. Brendan Daniel spoke up and said, “I’m a thunderbird and little Tara Kendall is a phoenix. Look at her green eyes.”

We finally made the long journey home safely. As soon as we unpacked, bathed the kids and put them into their own beds, in their old rooms, we sisters three had a glass of wine. Callie was on one side of Risa and I was on the other. We could not have been closer as sisters, had we been born triplets. All that mattered was that we were together, again. Risa and our kids were safe at home, where they belonged.~Written By: Éilísh Frazier© ALL RIGHTS RESERVED



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