The Pink Villa

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“The global threat”

An excerpt

As soon as he landed at the Turkish air force Akinci airbase’s airfield at nine pm, Hakan Fidan and his small entourage of half dozen agency members, were driven to the Pink Villa at the C’ankaya K’osku presidential compound to meet the current president and dictator Tayyp Erdogan; that took over the presidency and declared himself sole ruler, after a successful coup d’etat in which he got rid of the opposition leaders and the previous president, about six months after he almost had to resign as prime minister due to corruption accusations and demonstrations that endangered his career. The army and the police high ranking officers that opposed him, or were suspected as such were mopped up; The previous president Abdullah Gul was forced to retire and was exiled to spend the rest of his in London, while Erdogan with the power and the financial resources, which he had amassed ruled the country without the loathsome opposition that was totally crushed. While Hakan Fidan the ex undersecretary of the governmental intelligence agency the dictator’s friend and most trusted man; was promoted the replace his boss as Prime Minister and held the national defense ministry and the national intelligence agency under his sole control.

The small convoy of two limousines escorted by five police motorcycles crossed the presidential compound and the vast garden, up to the Pink Villa entrance where they got off. They were ushered politely into the first ground waiting hall, where they were served with small plates of kebab skewers plus mineral water and coffee; while Fidan went upstairs to meet the president in private, and update him on his trip to Teheran. He was watched by security cameras hanging all along the broad marble stairway, plainclothes body guards roamed the corridors in pairs; but as soon as Fidan’s image appeared on the screens in the control room, the body guards abandoned the corridor that led to the president’s guest room where Fidan was expected. The door of the ante room was open and a valet led him up to the guest room door opened it up, let him in, announced his name and shut the door leaving him all alone with the president.

This ceremony made Fidan smile whenever he was ushered that way in to meet his president, but the president accepted it as an expression of Fidan’s joy each time he was meeting him.

Erdogan left his seat and went the few steps up to the approaching Fidan, to embrace him and kiss slightly both his trusted man’s cheeks.

‘You must have brought me good tidings; I can see it written all over your face Hakan, alright let’s sit down.’ He added and led Fidan to his desk.

‘Well how was it?’ Erdogan asked as soon as they sat facing each other.

‘Fine and fruitful and I’ve brought the alliance agreement’s draft with me.’ Fidan answered and pulled a manila envelope out of his jacket’s inner pocket, and handed it to his the president.

Erdogan pulled the document out and read it, while Fidan waited patiently to his boss comments.

‘So they didn’t object to our demand to annex a slice of the Northern part of Syria from Aleppo up to Al Hasaka in the east, and they didn’t haggle with you?’

‘No they didn’t they’re very eager to have us on their side and accomplish this certain goal together, while Bashar has no other choice but to comply.’ Fidan answered him with a broad smile on his face.

‘When do they expect us to start the invasion?’ Erdogan wondered with knit brows.

‘In about a week or ten days maximum…’

‘Is it feasible at such a short time, and do remember the American airbase in Incirlik, that’s one more hurdle we’ll have to overcome.’

‘We thought about it very carefully; we’ll organize a provocation and blow up a few charges south of Adana and not far from Incirlik too at night time of course; as if Al Kaida groups of terrorists tried to attack the Americans’ base there, and it will cause some caused damages in Adana.’

‘Damages won’t be enough Hakan, see that there’ll be some casualties too.’

‘Alright we’ll see to it.’ Fidan hastened to obey his president.

‘Are the chief of staff high command aware to our plan?’

‘No they’ll be simply ordered to invade, and if they’ll have doubts in the long run they’ll be updated.

‘I see so the army task won’t be hard to accomplish, but we’ll have quite a headache ordering the Americans at the end to clear off; and we’ll have to intern the terrorist volunteers left in the camps were they’re trained near the Syrian border before joining the free Syrian army. But there’re their American instructors, which we’ll have to be ordered to leave first of all.’

‘There’re just a handful of them, we’ll send them to Ankara first of all, and ask them to return to the US at end of our offensive. Fidan assured his president, letting him understand indirectly that all the needed operations were already taken into account.

‘Very well Hakan let’s go down and join your top men I’ll shake their hands, and we’ll a festive dinner with them.’


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