The President We Were Warned About

   It’s not like we weren’t warned, and it’s not like the founders of our country did not provide solutions for this situation, but the Democrats have refused to provide true oversight in just as disgraceful a display of political pandering as the Republicans, just for different reasons. Cowards and traitors are selling our country down the tubes to a fascists view of the presidency known as the Unitary Executive. 

   Left unchallenged, a future president can pick up just where this one left off, and have the cloak of precedent to wrap himself in, as well.  That’s only should we be lucky enough to rid ourselves of this one, of course. Many thinking level headed people have noted the slow build up of legislation, each piece enhancing the chances of success of a power grab, and now all the presidential orders and directives, that seriously call into question if this president intends to give up the office when it is expected.

   Hopefully that is all conjecture, but if it is, it wouldn’t be because it couldn’t happen. We used to be protected from that sort of thing by laws and prohibitions, but now we are reduced to just hoping he doesn’t really want to, because he can, should he so decide. Since when has this president failed to grab power, legal or otherwise? It does not bode well. Link to article below:



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