The price of Internet attention

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MPR’s Curtis Gilbert reports Video blogger learns YouTube stardom has a price:

Minnesota native John Holden recently found himself a YouTube star. It sounds like a dream come true for a video blogger, but it wasn’t.

Ah, the lesson we all learned by watching Fantasy Island. Seems YouTube featured one of his videos [Warning: Explicit Language / Potentially Offensive Content] and the result was an astounding number of views. That’s good news to a video blogger, right? Right! And then… there was (and is) an avalanche of comments. At time of writing this discussion, I see the view count is 749,726 and the comment count is 2,538. Naturally not all of the comments are of the group hug variety, since the video is basically cuts of Holden mocking a man yelling and swearing at God into a camera.

Whew. There’s so many angles on this. If Holden had made fun of another video that wasn’t a rant on God, would the community have reacted so strongly? What are the warning signs between pushing the envelope and crossing the line? Ultimately, does the controversy just support Holden’s video blogging? I’m open to your comments on those topics, but I’d really like to know about your experiences.

Is there a price to be paid for Internet attention? Have you ever found yourself in Holden’s position?

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