The Prince Charming Hoax, by Elise Grant

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The Prince Charming Hoax blends everywoman’s history of divorce with every other woman’s sexual fantasy in a curiously appealing mix. There’s self-help tucked in there as well with Leah determined to write that book while Rox is determined the live life free and to the full. The mix of pained recital and vital action works surprisingly well, and, while the exchange of bodily fluids is more graphic than I’d choose, the tone of the writing is just right. The characters are very real and relatable. The guys aren’t all evil after all. And sometimes it really is time to get your heart out of the deep-freeze.

Thoroughly modern in mindset and locale, deeply sad and bitingly humorous, sweet and sour, and wisely told, this novel has far more beneath the surface than just another erotic romance. Even the self-help lessons feed naturally into the telling, revealing their wisdom as events unfold. Reading this novel reminds me of reading The Women’s Room as a teen–as recommended by my then-future husband.


Disclosure: I was lucky enough to buy this when it was free.

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