The Proposal is a laugh out loud comedy

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4 star rating


The Proposal starring, Sandra Bullock, Ryan Reynolds, Mary Steenburgen is a laugh out loud comedy that will have you cracking up. It’s not for little kids since there is some nudity.Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds are excellent actors who have a great on screen connection!

The boss of a publishing company Margaret (Bullock) has an expired Visa and is about to be deported back to Canada unless she comes up with a way to be legally in the US. She drags her assistant/secretary Andrew (Reynolds) into this by announcing they’re engaged!

Andrew negotiates  himself a rise of being editor and having a manuscript published that he wants. In return he’ll pull of this so called engagement and marriage. They go to Alaska to visit and celebrate Andrews grandma’s 90th birthday.

While in Alaska both Andrew and Margret deal with getting to knowing each other and getting into interesting situations that cause the viewer to laugh! It’s not the deepest plot ,butr it is a laugh out loud comedy with Sandra Bullocks usual crazy sitautions. I give this movie 4 1/2 stars.

I suggest you rent it on DVD or get it out oof your local public library.

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