The race for nuclear disarmament

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Nuclear proliferation is no longer limited to the world s superpowers. Many people increasingly fear that nukes could fall into the hands of extremists or terrorists, including George Schultz, former Secretary of State under the Reagan administration.  In a recent speech featured on Word for Word, Schultz said that reducing the threat of nuclear weapons must be an international effort:

“International action will not be taken in the face of American exceptionalism — that is, one rule for us and different rules for the rest of hte world.  The key to success in getting real international action here is a vision of the global elimination of nuclear weapons, not the elimination of this country or that country, but the global elimination of nuclear weapons.” 

What will it take to reduce the threat of nuclear weapons?  What kind of policy should the U.S. pursue as it relates to this issue?  Is there any sense of public urgency about nuclear disarmament and if not, why do you think that is?

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