The Rachel Zoe Project: Hustling for Haiti

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Imagine having to put together a charity fashion show in 72 hours, in a snowstorm, one week before Fashion Week in New York. Now imagine you have to do it for Naomi Campbell and it becomes Fear Factor Rachel Zoe style.

In this week’s episode of The Rachel Zoe Project, Rachel jetted off to New York for fashion week with only her husband and entourage, leaving Brad and the girls behind to keep the business going. Unlike last year, Rachel arrived early enough so she and Roger could enjoy the city for a few days before the fashion shows kicked in. So, time for a Broadway show, a romantic dinner — a phone call from Naomi Campbell.

Forget it Roger, it’s back to the hotel alone for you. Rachel was roped into handling the Fashion of Relief Haiti show for Naomi and it’s not like she could say no. Suddenly saddled with having to fit and style more than 90 models (including celebs like Chris Brown and Kelly Osbourne) Rachel called Brad and ordered him to fly to NY instantly to help.

Brad, unlike Taylor before him, is a happy, get it done kind of guy and he tried, he really did. But it turns out that Naomi scheduled her fashion show the same week as a charity show in London and with Fashion Week around the corner, designers didn’t have anything left to give. Seeing the slim, and oh so miss-matched, pickings, Rachel went ba-nanas and thought she was going to die.

Then Naomi arrived and was told there weren’t enough shoes. Oh my, you could see fire spill from her eyes. Everyone, safe minimal distance and hurry!

Rachel blamed Brad for the lack of clothing and he took it like a man even though it wasn’t his fault. Blame Mother Nature and her snowstorm because that didn’t help.

In the end. . .guess what? It all worked out. Rachel got the models into clothes in time to send them down the runway. Including 4 truly hideous outfits from the Sex and the City movie.

It was a job well done and Brad even got an apology kiss on the cheek from Rachel. At the same time, Demi Moore walked the red carpet in London for the Valentine’s Day premiere in a dress chosen by new girl Ashley and assistant Jordan. Looks like the shop can function without Rachel after all.

Shut the front door!


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