‘The Real Housewives of New Jersey’ Reunion Recap, Part 2

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While the second half of The Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion show is a bit tamer than the first half, there’s still a lot of drama and more attacks on Teresa.

Andy wants to take things down a notch, so fans must suffer through talk about the Housewives‘ sex lives, with much attention paid to Joe Giudice’s and Joe Gorga’s sex drives. Then the conversation turns to being all about Caroline: her hair, her radio show, her legal troubles (or more specifically her husband’s legal troubles) and Kim G.

Going on a viewer’s comment regarding Caroline’s unsolicited advice, Andy asks Teresa if Caroline’s advice is unwanted. Teresa actually says she was always willing to listen to Caroline’s unsolicited advice, except when it comes to her family issues because Caroline knows nothing about Teresa’s family.

Turning back to the topic of Caroline, Andy asks Caroline what happened between her and Dina that they’re no longer speaking. Caroline basically says Dina was led to believe things that weren’t true and blames Teresa. Teresa, of course, denies this, but Caroline says she and Jacqueline have the emails to prove it. Teresa tells Caroline to bring it on, to share the emails, but Caroline doesn’t produce them. Melissa speaks up to say Teresa wasn’t even talking to Dina six months ago and that the two just started talking again and that Teresa had actually said she hates Dina. Of course Teresa denies all of those allegations as well. Caroline says Dina no longer talks to Caroline, Caroline’s kids, Jacqueline or Chris Laurita.

Even though Jacqueline doesn’t show up for the reunion, fans must once again go through the whole Ashley drama. Of course Caroline not only speaks for Jacqueline, but for Ashley as well and says Ashley is finally “getting it.”

Fans know The Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion just wouldn’t be complete without rehashing the whole “unattended” comment Kathy made about Teresa leaving Audrianna alone at the christening. Andy brings it up and this is when things start to get heat up once more. Teresa and Kathy rehash the “unattended” comment and then move on to Teresa being unable to spend the entirety of Christmas with her brother because he had to go to Kathy’s for dinner. She says that makes Kathy a bad cousin.

Teresa again brings up Melissa’s “copying,” but when pressed to give examples of Melissa’s copycatting, Teresa really can’t come up with anything. Andy asks Teresa if there’s anything she said this season about Melissa that she now regrets. Teresa can’t think of a single thing that she said about Melissa, let alone something she said that she regrets. She mistakenly asks Melissa to remind her of the things she said, to which Melissa jerks out her phone saying, “I brought a list,” and starts reading off all of the negative comments Teresa made about her during the entire season. Teresa just picks one and says, “Okay, I’ll regret that.”

Andy ends the show by asking what family means to each of the cast members who showed up for this Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion. As Caroline is answering, she starts tearing up. Andy says to Caroline maybe she’s tearing up over the loss of her friendship with Teresa; however, Caroline says no way, she and Teresa never had a friendship, just an acquaintance. Teresa says, “After 10 years? Yeah, right. It’s funny how everyone turns just like that,” snapping her fingers. She looks at Kathy and says “Beware.”

Bravo is currently filming the fourth season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, which is set to air in early 2012.

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