‘The Real Housewives of New York': Is Alex McCord Leaving?

Rumors are flying that Cindy Barshop and Alex McCord will not return for another season of The Real Housewives of New York, but is it true or just another false rumor perpetuated by a vicious cast member?

According to Hollywood Life, a “show insider” says Cindy Barshop and Alex McCord are leaving the show afer this season. It makes sense that Cindy would leave the show (either willingly or unwillingly). She’s too calm and too sensible to ever make a great Real Housewife. What doesn’t make sense is that Alex McCord, who just this season is finally refusing to allow the mean girls to walk all over her, would leave the show.

Alex responds to the rumor that she’s leaving with, “If I had a dollar every time an ‘inside source,’ i.e. a cast member, leaked a ‘story’ that I was out of RHONY, I’d be a multi-millionairess!” Bravo also responds to the rumors without giving away too much information. A Bravo spokesperson says this is only speculation as no decisions are concrete yet in regard to the next season of The Real Housewives of New York.

Alex’s response seems to imply a cast member put out the current rumor of her exiting the show to the press. So which cast member can it be? Maybe it’s Countess LuAnn. She and Alex both admit to never really being friends, and there have been two showdowns between the two women during this season. Could the vicious cast member be Jill Zarin? Fans may remember the feud between Jill and Alex last summer in which Alex says Jill will try to get her fired, and then, of course, this season, Jill throws around the false allegation that Simon is cyber-bullying her, so maybe it’s more about Simon this time, or maybe one of the other women is jealous that Alex is getting a lot of airtime this season.

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Photo Source: NBC/Bravo

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