‘The Real Housewives of New York’ Recap: ‘Travel Reservations’

In the seventh episode of The Real Housewives of New York, fans finally find out who Alex calls a “thug in a cocktail dress,” what makes Kelly act the way she does and that LuAnn is not only a meddler, but a bully.

LuAnn decides since there’s been so much tension lately, the women need a trip together to get back on track. She and Sonja decide that Morocco is where to go and all the women, except Kelly, agree to go.

LuAnn and Ramona have lunch so LuAnn can let Ramona know exactly how bad-mannered she’s been lately and basically bullies Ramona into contacting Jill to get things worked out before the trip to Morocco.

Cindy invites Kelly, Jill and LuAnn to Canyon Ranch for a spa retreat. On the way to the retreat, Kelly shares with LuAnn that she’s been slapped by someone before. LuAnn seems to think that this slap explains why Kelly acts the way she does, untrusting and guarded. While having dinner at the Ranch, Kelly tells the women that she will not go to Morocco because of Ramona.

Ramona throws a wine party and Jennifer, the bride from the first episode of this season’s The Real Housewives of New York, comes to the party and tells Ramona that on the day of her wedding, Jill attacks her, wanting to know why Jennifer invited Alex and Simon to the wedding and asks all kinds of questions about Ramona and Jennifer’s friendship. As soon as Jill shows up at Ramona’s party, Ramona is on the attack. She confronts Jill about what Jennifer told her and Jill denies it all, saying it’s all lies. Jill leaves the party crying.

Jill holds an anti-bullying charity event and invites all the other women, including Ramona. As soon as LuAnn walks in, her sights are on Ramona. She lets Ramona know that none of the other women want to go on the trip to Morocco because of Ramona. Even though Ramona nicely asks LuAnn to back off and not get involved, LuAnn keeps hammering on her. Alex tries to defuse the situation, but her words make no difference to LuAnn and she keeps attacking Ramona. This is where the camera cuts to the infamous scene of Alex McCord in which she proclaims, “She’s a thug in a cocktail dress!”

Kelly lets the other women know she will go to Morocco and while Kelly and Ramona again disagree over Ramona’s behavior on the trip to St. John, Ramona tells Kelly she’s sure Kelly will have a great time on the trip.

Later at the charity event, Jill remarks to LuAnn that it’s really early in the day, so why is Ramona drinking Pinot Grigio already anyway? Jill tries to act like Ramona’s drinking concerns, but coming from Jill, the comment just seems like another catty dig.

The Real Housewives of New York airs Thursday nights at 10 p.m. on Bravo.

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