‘The Real Housewives of New York,’ Season 4, Episode 5 Recap

In the fifth episode of The Real Housewives of New York, the women have “mending fences” get-togethers, which doesn’t turn out well for Cindy. Fans hoping Kelly left “Kelly Land” once and for all to live in reality can stop hoping.

In Episode 5, “Following Pecking Orders,” Jill’s back from vacation and meets up with LuAnn, Sonja and Kelly so the women can bring Jill up to speed on what’s been happening in her absence. Jill insists her vacation gave her time to reflect on her actions and what her priorities are and that she’s just not going to get into the drama and gossiping anymore. Not two minutes later, she’s sitting in a restaurant with the other women stomping Ramona into the dirt.

Kelly is anxious about her lunch date with Ramona since she received a “threatening” drunk text from Ramona. Apparently Kelly is back to being delusional since she’s already stated the only thing the text from Ramona said was, “If you can’t support me, then I can’t support you.” Kelly and Sonja decide to role-play to prepare Kelly for what’s sure to come out of Ramona’s mouth at the lunch. The real meeting between Ramona and Kelly, who brings Sonja along as a buffer, actually goes off without a hitch.

The first bizarre get-together The Real Housewives of New York, Episode 5, is between Sonja and Cindy. Sonja is rightfully upset with Cindy for telling Kelly about her plan to bring Kelly and Ramona together, which Cindy vehemently denies ever telling Kelly that Ramona would be at the cooking lesson. Unfortunately for Cindy, those exact words came out of her mouth in Episode 4. Next Sonja blasts Cindy for not having Pinot Grigio waiting for Ramona at Cindy’s party. She also informs Cindy there’s a pecking order and Cindy would do well to learn it. It seems that Sonja is visiting “Kelly Land.”

It’s obviously “let’s make the new girl feel like an outcast” time because the next get-together is between Ramona and Cindy, which is just awkward, to say the least. Ramona was condescending towards Cindy about not having the Pinot Grigio at the party, but good for the new girl for nipping that nonsense in the bud, letting Ramona know she doesn’t have time for it and to go ahead and leave the restaurant.

Jill and Alex meet to work through their issues. Alex doesn’t trust Jill, but both women seem sincere in wanting to put the past in the past. Only time will tell with these two women. Because she’s dealing with Jill Zarin, it’s wise for Alex to watch her back in this new and improved relationship.

The Real Housewives of New York airs Thursday nights at 10 p.m. EST on Bravo.

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