The Real Housewives of the OC–Vicki visits with Jeana and Lynn forgives Frank!!!

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So tonight on the Real Housewives Vicki did something a little unexpected and revisited an old friend from the show: Jeana. She needed a friend to vent to about the recent happenings between Vicki and the other housewives.

Another thing, a good thing, that happened on the show was Briana got her results back from the dr. and she is in the clear and does not have to worry about cancer tumors in her thyroid.

On this episode we got to see some of Alexis’ roots because her mom came to visit for some cosmetic surgery and she talked about Alexis growing up. I thought it was a sweet, yet very Orange County gesture for Alexis to pay for her Mom’s facelift.

Speaking of cosmetics, Gretchen launched her cosmetics line at the Women’s Expos and although she put so much money into the set up; there wasn’t really a big turn out. I was glad that Gretchen expected the launch to take work and is okay with slow growth, especially with launching a make-up line in this economy.

Tamra had her birthday on this episode and it was in the middle of the week and she was bummed that Vicki didn’t show up, but with those two there is always going to be drama. I loved Vicki’s trademark response: “What?! I had work; I have to work! It was in the middle of the week!” I have to say, though, watching Tamra and Simon together that they do disagree and fight often. I think Vicki may have a point when it comes to their relationship. It’s not necessarily healthy because their does seem to be resentment on both Tamra and Simon’s side. I think Tamra does want to be more independent and Simon doesn’t like that, period.

What I’m really excited on the show was Lynn’s segment. I was worried in the beginning of the episode and while watching the clips for this show that she was heading in the direction of divorce. I come from a Christian background and I don’t think marriage and divorce should be taken lightly, and since their was no grave betrayal, abuse and or adultery I don’t think it would be a good idea for them to get divorced. I really like Lynn and her family. I think because they move around so much and the two teenage daughters already feel that their lives are not that stable, a divorce would be devastating to them. Additionally it would also possibly create trust issues down the road. I also have lived in southern California and was raised primarily in Orange County, where divorce is definitely prevalent and listening to Alexa and Raquel talk about their parents possibly divorcing broke my heart. They seemed so desensitized to the idea. I was worried too when Lynn was talking about it.

What I really was thinking beginning and mid episode: “Come on, all Frank is really guilty of is wanting to give you and your daughters whatever it is you want, no matter the cost, no matter the repercussions, and this time it backfired–majorly! It’s eviction, people all over are getting foreclosed on, and being evicted. It is not a good thing and it may seem like the end of the world, it definitely was humiliating to have it happen on television, but you have a husband who is sorry, who loves you and who loves his family. Please don’t let hurt ego and money problems drive a stake through a good thing, because your family is the best thing that you can have.” I honestly do believe that! Your family will get you through hard economic times and times of struggle. An eviction, although awful, it happens and it goes away. You can move in with family, save money, and get back on your feet together.

The other thing to remember to is that if Lynn was not so busy, working out, shopping, and spending money and was more busy with her family she would know more about the whereabouts of the girls and the whereabouts of the family finances. If she was around to confer with, I’m sure Frank would have talked with her about it and they could have worked it out! They still can work it out now, and I have no doubts that they will. This time, it just might take awhile. I loved their conversation at dinner, Lynn and Frank are a cute couple. They understand, tolerate, and amuse each other. They have been doing that for 20 years and hopefully they will continue on, because “love endures all things.” I was definitely happy that they pretty much reconciled. Good on ya, Lynn, for being the bigger person and forgiving Frank!


I can’t wait to see what the finale bring on Tamra’s side and Vicki’s?

Did you catch this episode?

What did you think of the Lynn/Frank dilemma? What did you think of the reaction between Alexa and Raquel to their parent’s situation?


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