‘The Real Housewives: The Game’ to Premiere Alongside RHONY Announced by Bravo

Coming soon will be ‘The Real Housewives: The Game’ premiering along side RHONY this summer. Will this be the end to Words with Friends or Draw Something?

The cable network Bravo has launched a press release revealing a social game associated with its Real Housewives reality series franchise that will be available summer of 2012. According to Lisa Hsia, executive vice-president of digital media at Bravo, the game will enable viewers to take part in the Real Housewives lifestyle virtually. Does this include flipping virtual tables?

Interesting? You bet! With the popularity of all the Real Housewives shows on Bravo, it would be hard to imagine this game flopping. Digital TV Europe makes a great point stating that the gaming world is very different from the reality television world. ‘The Real Housewives: The Game’ will be an interesting strategy to introduce the reality series to game lovers.

Kodak_4Very few details are know just yet, but according to a press release from Bravo:

Fans will “play along” a real-time viewing experience that allows fans to tackle trivia, weigh-in on polls and predict what will happen next on every device as they watch their favorite shows on air.

Just when it seems the women have enough drama in their lives on reality television, the Real Housewives will possibly get more. This should be interesting! Will you play along

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