The real reason Olivia Wilde might be dating Jason Sudeikis

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Here’s some strange news. Super hot Tron actress Olivia Wilde is dating SNL‘s funny man Jason Sudeikis. Seriously? Hollywood insiders are asking one another, “What does she see in that guy?” The answer to that question, like him, is actually pretty funny. Just keep reading.

The gorgeous girl everyone got to know as “Thirteen” on the hit television series House recently split from her husband, Tao Ruspoli, a real life prince.

The two had eloped in a van and run away from his royal family lifestyle back when she was only 18.

When the news broke the celebs were splitting up (right about the time Tron was hitting the big screen at 3D movie theaters), Hollywood insiders were shocked… but nothing could be more shocking than hearing a rumor now that she might be dating wise-ass SNL comedian Jason Sudeikis.


Because the gorgeous and fit vegetarian is, quite frankly, so interesting and pretty. She just made the top 10 in Maxim magazine’s HOT 100 list.

And she’s dating that guy? Not someone darling like star celebs Jake Gyllenhaal or Justin Timberlake as rumor mills reports of the past have suggested?

In case you are wondering who Jason Sudeikis is and what Olivia Wilde might see in him, here’s the celebrity scoop.

The Blemish writes, “Jason Sudeikis has been linked to January Jones and then rumored to have gone out with Eva Mendes, Scarlett Johansson, and a few more. Now he’s dating Olivia Wilde. What the huh? He must be hilarious (read: gigantic penis).”

Whether fact or fiction, at least that is the myth about the man who is circulating himself around Hollywood social circles these days. Inside sources say jokingly that is the real reason why he keeps getting to date all the hot chicks.

Apparently in the sack, he’s an urban legend. At least that’s the rumor about him (no kidding).

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