The Real Reason Why ‘Teen Mom’ Chelsea Houska Shut Down Her Website

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When you’re a celebrity (even one from a reality television show), one of the most important things you can have is a professional website. Of course, many of the Teen Moms already have their own place on the web where their fans can go to catch the latest updates on the girls.

Recently, Chelsea Houska announced the launch of her own website. Not only would there be a blog, but also an area where fans could contact the up and coming model (and hair product designer) about speaking engagements. However, the site went down almost as quickly as it had gone up!

When fans went to check out the page on Friday morning, they were greeted by a message, not from their favorite Teen Mom, but rather the web designer. According to the individual, Chelsea Houska (who isn’t exactly poor), failed to pay for the services. However, Chelsea told a slightly different story.

After a fan slammed Chelsea for not paying, she responded, “I decided to not work with the person running it and obviously they’re a little butt hurt”

Of course, that contradicts something else that the web designer claimed. According to Radar Online, part of the statement from the web designer said, “I even went as far to say if they wished not to work with me, I would transfer the site at a cost, but no response. Another lesson learned, don’t take someone for their word…”

It seems as though someone isn’t telling the truth and it is hard to say who. Fans may never know the truth though since now, when you try to access her official site, it is completely gone, including the web designer’s original message.

What do you think really happened?

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