The REAL State of the Union (a personal poem perspective)

Written in response to a prompt by Kimberly Ripley for her Thursday Writing Essentials group. Thanks for the inspiration Kimberly! Artwork above created by me from an original flag photo and swirled in Photo Explosion software.



The REAL State of the Union

I didn’t listen to the speech
For I knew, no matter what he said
the other side was say the opposite.

The state of the union is sad
It’s weakened by division
It’s weakened by the courts
It’s weakened by years of inept leadership.

We are, all of us, responsible for the downfall
and so, it will take all of us to rebuild.
Until we can truly come together
Both in Washington,
and on Main Street,
and do what’s right for the good of the country
we will continue the downward spiral.

Until we can all,
especially those in Washington
give up the need to always be right
to always be in opposition
to always say no to the yes,
we will continue to lose ground.

We’ve lost our way.
Amongst the two parties and lobbyists
we’ve lost sight of the goal
we’ve lost our grasp on the dream
our forefathers gave us as guidance.

The state of the union
needs careful attention.
It needs compassion and cooperation
It needs us all to look in our hearts
and find a way to mend the tear
that threatens to dissolve this nation.

But, there’s always hope~
Hope we will see with new vision
Hope we will hear with unbiased ears
Hope we will act from our hearts
Hope we can save this country.
I’m going to believe in that hope,
For the alternative is too painful to bear.


Rose S. Williams

©Southernstoryteller~Jan. 29, 2010


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