The Real Superman – United Friends Challenge #105

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Kittygory’s Challenge

Choose a character from a favorite movie or book, one that you either love or hate. Take on that character’s persona, and show us something about him/her that we wouldn’t know from watching the movie or reading the book. What you show us, though, has to “fit” the character. Be sure to incorporate dialog in your “showing”, since we tell a lot about ourselves by what comes out of our mouths.


The Real Superman


Flying high over Metropolis, a figure in a blue and red suit dashes across the sky.  He lands upon the image of an eagle, perched where he can watch over the inhabitants of the city. He takes a deep breath, then he sighs. He thinks to himself:



Most people seem to love me for my heroic deeds.  A few are jealous of my abilities and seek to defame and destroy me.  Everyone wants to be me or be like me, it seems, but if they only knew what it was like inside.

Some people seem to think that I do this for fame or glory. I’m only trying to help those who can’t help themselves. I’m just trying to right the wrongs that have been forced upon people and keep them from destroying one another and themselves. If they only realized what they were doing. If they only saw where it would lead.


I know they have the ability to be much better than they are right now. If only they would take a look at the things that are really important. If only they’d learn how to treat one another with care and respect. If only they’d quit following their selfish lusts of the hearts which cause themselves and each other so much pain and grief. They’ve even elected leaders who will give them what they want and tell them what they want to hear without considering the true cost. They don’t want to hear that, though.


I try to write at The Daily Planet to help them and inspire them, and sometimes it does some good, but most often what I write isn’t taken to heart. It’s just tossed in the trash like another daily newspaper. If only they knew the pain and grief I feel for them. If only…


My life is a lonely life, being the only survivor from Krypton since my cousin, Kara, died. Even my dog died, saving my life. I have very few friends I can trust and no one I can trust with my true identity. Jimmy is a good friend, but he doesn’t know everything. Even the earth woman that I loved dearly enough to tell is off with another man. I think they may be raising my son, though. She evidently never told him…


At times like these, all I can do is fly back to the Fortress of Solitude and try to comfort my grief with images of those who loved me enough to send me here. It doesn’t really help that much, though. I know they aren’t real. They’re all dead. They’re just a reminder of who I am and what brought me here. Sometimes it gives me the strength to carry on. At least I have SOME chance of trying to help the people here with my advanced understanding given to me by my father. I even flew out to try to find the remains of my planet, but that was just a cold reminder of what had become of them. If only the people there had listened to my father. They sought more and more, even changing the weather to suit themselves. In doing so, they ultimately caused their own destruction.


If only they understood the lonliness and grief I feel. If only they knew what it was really like. If only they could see. Then, they wouldn’t want to be me at all. They would understand what a desolate life it is being responsible for all the inhabitants of this planet. I only hope that they see before it’s too late and they end up like Krypton.


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