The Real World DC! 2/24/2010–S***, aka Andrew hits the pavement!

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WOW! Tonight’s episode was definitely crazy! The episode was called: “Cheaters, Beaters, and Pavement Eaters.”

The Cheater on the show seems to be Josh. He is a chronic cheater! He blames it on not wanting to be alone and on his being in a band and the center of attention, blah, blah, blah. He’s young and he’s a dude! It is a rare case of a guy in his youth who is ready for a commitment that can withstand distance and long periods of time without seeing his girlfriend, partner, spouse or whatever. Josh clearly is not ready for this type of commitment. His wrestling over the situation in his mind is not making it better for anyone or easier on anyone else. I agreed with the girls with the house. His actions were very shady and made him look like a scumbag! He hooked up with a random chick from the bar/club and then crawls out of bed to talk to his girlfriend, Ashley, and then crawls back into the bed with the random girl. Then the next day he picks his girlfriend up from the airport or wherever and they spend the weekend together. The girls of the house kind of hint and allude to a “situation” with Josh and maybe another girl, but they don’t tell Ashley exactly what’s going on in the house.

Then the next day Josh goes out and hooks up with his club promoter friend, who he had been hanging out with times before and also had kissed. I guess the only semi-decent thing that Josh did was call Ashley to break up with her before fully hooking up with his club promoter friend. I think when his girlfriend was down, they should have talked face to face. It wasn’t fair for her to be broken up with over the phone on television.

The other conflict of the show was basically between Ty and Emily. They in the beginning had some feelings of attraction towards each other and Emily basically shut that down. Ty has a lot of pent up anger and he is lashes out at Emily just because he can’t have her. The unfortunate thing between the two is the physical aspects of their disagreements. Sometimes their wrestling appears innocent and playful, but when he pushes her on this episode he really does cross the line. His aggression is out of control, especially when he drinks. He attempts an apology to Emily the next day, but she doesn’t accept and this causes more anger on Ty’s side–which does not end well.

The “Pavement eaters” portion of the show stems from Ty’s lashing out, this time on a totally innocent person–Andrew. The episode is “to be continued…” but it showed Andrew on a stretcher and I assume because he threw Andrew over the banister that either he’ll have to enroll in some type of anger management class, or Alcoholics Anonymous, or both and get kicked off the show because he violated personal boundaries of his fellow roommates.

What do you think will happen with Ty as far as the show goes?

What did you think about the lying/cheating on the show with Josh?

Did this episode hit close to home for anyone?

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