The Real Xtina on Twitter – Christina Aguilera Tweets for the First Time?

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A new account on the social networking site claims to be the real Xtina on Twitter.  Christina Aguilera supposedly tweeted for the first time and already has 35,000 followers.

With the ease of opening an account on Twitter it is hard to tell whether accounts belong to real celebrities. Imposters can create a profile and easily mislead fans and followers.

Her first tweet was a little dull stating, “Here goes my first Tweet! Brace yourselvesÂ… So excited to connect with all my fans here. xo – Xtina.”

E!News has claimed to have verified the account and that it is in fact the real Xtina on Twitter. It seems as if Christina Aguilera may be trying to win her fans back after her recent slip ups with the law and disappointing performances.  She has been in the media for all the wrong reasons during the past few months and could use a fresh start.

Go ahead and wander on over to the land of tweets, and check out the real Xtina on Twitter.  Do you think it is really the pop star or just another phony?

Christina Aguilera

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