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The Reckoning

The plastic sack


tantalizes on the sofa,

its open mouth

the entrance to a

shimmering white cave.


It shines

like a mermaid

on a rocky spit,

calling to me.


I touch it with my paw.

It speaks to me

in a crackling language

only cats can understand.


I poke my head in.

The handle wraps around my neck.

I pull back, but the sack

comes with me.


I tear around the room

like a shot.  The sack

flaps behind my ear

like the wings of a falcon.

The faster I run, the louder it gets.

I zigzag furiously,

but I cannot shake it.

Its talons will sink into my flesh any second.


This has been going on

for years.  My weight is down

to one and a half pounds.


Suddenly my master

tackles me and extricates

my neck from the noose,

petting me and cooing.


It’s been three months now

since the last time I

(as they say in the program)

crawled into a bottle.


They tell me I will be a cat

for the rest of my life.


© 2000, 2011 Douglas J. Westberg. All Rights Reserved.  Please share this on, and elsewhere on the web by means of a link back to this page, but please do not copy.  From the forthcoming volume The Caterpillar.  Doug’s latest book is The Depressed Guy’s Book of Wisdom from Chipmunka Publishing

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