The Renewed Effort Against Voter ID Requirements

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The push to end voter ID requirements in America is continuing at full speed. America’s perception of the integrity of the election process is vital, and a recent poll shows that voters are “increasingly worried about the accuracy of elections.”

The Obama campaign, in the months before the election, aggressively sought to weaken the integrity of American elections by claiming that requiring photo identification to vote was akin to poll taxes and disenfranchises lower income voters.

Ben Jealous, the head of the supposedly nonpartisan NAACP, recently spoke at the 78th annual NAACP Pennsylvania State Convention Freedom Fund banquet, as reported by Janice Crompton of Hispanic Business, spoke of how the Republicans “‘bashed’ “immigrants, black people, women, the LGBT–lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender–community and organized labor.” A part of the “bashing” was by attempting to pass a Voter Identification law in Pennsylvania. Crompton continues that “the push is on from the NAACP, the American Civil Liberties Union and other civic groups to permanently defeat the new law“.

The law was held up in court, as Commonwealth Court Judge Robert Simpson ruled that “voters in Pennsylvania will not have to produce a photo ID,” as reported by ABC News. John W. Jordan, the NAACP Director of Civil Engagement, said “getting the new law delayed was a crucial step.” In August, a Washington Post Poll found that almost 75% of Americans support Photo ID requirements. As usual, the will of the people be damned.

President Obama has supported removing photo identification requirements for many years, and for this election cycle, the president used quite a bit of taxpayer money to hire “thousands of lawyers” to, among other things, “combat” laws requiring photo identification at the polls.

Even the United Nations “poll watchers” were surprised about the “trust” in the election system. Foreign Policy reported that “the most often noted difference between American elections among the visitors was that in most U.S. states, voters need no identification.”

Without photo identification requirements, fraud will be easier. This is a simple truth. In order to protect Americans from fraud, a compromise should be reached. Perhaps state-issued identification should be easier to obtain, and free. But even if fraud was not an issue, as suggested by many who do not support identification requirements, America’s perception of the integrity of the elections is quite important. And without rigorous procedures in place to ensure fraud is not an option, that perception of integrity is degraded.

As a matter of fact, it is already degraded, as a Pew Research Center poll found that voters were “increasingly worried about the accuracy of elections,” as reported by the Huffington Post. In fact, “Slightly less than a third of voters said they were very confident in the accuracy of national results….”

Photo Source: Washington Post

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