The Republicans are coming! The Republicans are coming!

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This will be a great two weeks of “media watching”. The Dems are holding their convention first, with what we think (unless Hillary has something to say) will be the nomination of the mainstream media’s “Messiah”, Barack Obama. Then the Republicans come to my town, St. Paul, and the mainstream media and all their Democratic friends will be hand wringing all day.

 Nick Coleman, Lori Sturdivent, Don Shelby, Keri Miller, Eric Escola, Jack Rice, and the pompus rich angry white elitest(Garrison Keilor) will all be filled with lots of agnst as thousands of Republicans come to their town.

 Media watching, on the local and national level. Watch how they report on the different conventions. Look how the protesters are treated in both cities. Watch who the TV stations decide to show as part of these conventions. I bet the Dem’s order as many shots of top shelf booze as the the Repubs are already been reported to do.

 Can the media hold back their genuflecting in front of the “Messiah”? Do they realize that this is hurting Obama’s chances because the average Joe or Jill can pick this up and it makes them sick?

While some people will be watching the conventions, I will be watching the media.

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