The Rescue – Wednesday Writing Essential-Birds

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WWE Challenge: Birds


The Rescue 









When the orange gown

of the setting sun

quietly went down,

and the birdsong tune

lingered softly

underneath the rising moon,

a swishing sound I heard

and turned my head to see

a frantic little bird.


“Let me stay with thee,”

its trembling body said.

So I gave it food

and a cosy loving bed.

Then it sang a happy tune

in the morning

and at noon.

And at night

it went to sleep

without a fright

or the slightest peep. 








We named the rescued cockatiel Cheeky for the following reasons: he owned the place, we were his slaves; he loved Sasha but treated me most unkindly. We loved him although he was a handful. Luckily, the owners were found so he terrorised us for only five days. The day he was reunited with his family, we found out why he loved Sasha and hated me: Cheeky was a little flirty female!  









I owe Cheeky a story.





Copyrght Irina Dimitric 2012 













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