The Road To Oxford Begins Now : Photos and “Mommy Bragging”

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From the moment our children are born we, as parents, always think they’re the smartest, cutest, coolest, and best kids ever in the history of mankind, so it’s nice when our opinion is vindicated by awards day at school.  Hehe.  Okay, so I’m mostly being silly, but seriously Haley is doing excellently in school this year, just as in last. 

We got a paper sent home from school last week telling us that our child would be receiving an award at awards day that week and giving us the time of the awards ceremony if we wanted to be there.  Of course we did.  We are very much hands-on parents and go to everything like that.  It’s important that Haley (and beginning next year, Parker) knows that we value her education and efforts and that we think it’s important.  So, we went to the awards ceremony where Haley received 3 of the 6 different awards they were giving out to kids.


(First Photo)  Haley receiving the perfect attendance award.  She hasn’t missed a day all year so far.  I’m just hoping she doesn’t get sick.  Thus far, out of the 22 kids in her class, only she and two other children haven’t been sick yet or missed any days.  The flu has been going around and most kids have missed 1 or 2 weeks with it.

(Next Photo)  Haley walking up to get her first award.

(Following Photo)  Haley and the vice-principal of her school.  This was the music award.  Only a few kids got this.  Haley’s said it was for “musical intelligence”.  She’s very musical – always singing and dancing.  I’m sure you’ve all seen her videos here on Gather of the many songs she makes up.

(Next Three Photos)  Haley with her third and final award, Superintendent’s Honor Roll, which is basically straight A’s.  Haley’s only in the first grade so the kids don’t get A’s.  They get ‘E’ for “exemplary”, ‘M’ for “meets requirements”, and ‘NM’ for “does not meet requirements”.  Haley got straight E’s!! Not only did she get straight E’s, but they were all 100% except for two which were 97% and 95%!!!!  (Can you tell I’m proud?)  She also got a pencil along with this award.


So, we figure the road to Oxford begins now, or any other college she wants to go to.  LOL  She’s doing so well, and we’re so proud of her.

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