THE ROAD TO VICTORY: MonWe, Dream on Monday, 2,3,14; Medieval Picture Prompt

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“Storm the castle? You’re kidding right?”


“But my liege, my lord, my gosh, I play water polo, I’m no Knight.”

“The very reason I picked you, Archibald, you’ll be great when we approach the moat. If the catapult falls short you’ll kick the flaming balls over the wall.”

“Can’t we just knock? They’d probably let us in your kingship.”

“What fun is that? This way I can be an emperor instead of only a king. We’ve got to keep on conquering.”

“C’mon boss, we already took the farm and ruined the farmer’s crop of rutabagas. We should never have put the siege towers on his property. Besides the bubbles have set in and we can’t see the walls.”

“Never the less Archie, we march. Sound the attack!”

Three rubber duckies moved forward in unison flanked by Tuggy, the fire fighting tugboat and a flotilla of floating toys led by Thomas the Train.

Later they both celebrated their victory over cold mugs of chocolate milk.

“Hail to the king.”

“Thank you, Archibald.”

“David are you talking to that imaginary friend again?”

“No mommy, only singing.”

MonWe, Dream on Monday, 2,3,14; Medieval Picture Prompt

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