"The Scott Is Over" an Inspirational Campaign Ends on American Idol

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Well, it is a bittersweet moment for me to tell you that I am on a roll this week! Sure, my picks went home 2 weeks in a row, but this one is tough. It was a true inspiration who lost on American Idol this week. We knew he had no shot at winning the whole thing, but we still enjoyed his time on the show. Ladies and Gentlemen, pay your final respects to one of this year’s Piano Men:

Eliminated: Scott MacIntyre
Bottom 3: Anoop Desai, Scott MacIntyre, Lil Rounds
My Bottom 3: Scott MacIntyre, Lil Rounds, Kris Allen
Dialidol.com Bottom 3: Scott MacIntyre, Anoop Desai, Kris Allen  

Farewell Scott!  You will be missed.   Let’s talk about more exciting things like the fact that Lil Rounds was in the bottom 3!  Finally, America is starting to get the picture.  Although, I wonder if Simon was referring to her as someone they would potentially save.  I will gripe on the Judges’ Save more in a bit.   Things are progressing slowly but surely to the inevitable contestants.   So it makes us think that with Anoop being in the bottom 3 even after a decent performance, he might be next on the list to leave us.  America has been unpredictable in the past on this crazy show.  We will have to tune in next week to find out!    In a pretty boring hour, here are the highlights and lowlights I found from tonight’s ON TIME episode of American Idol.


  • It’s a stretch, but Frankie Avalon being there to announce Simon is going to be 50 could be considered a highlight.  I know I know, the show was pretty rough!  But it WAS Frankie Avalon afterall!
  • Kellie Pickler was actually somewhat entertaining, yet still was kind of off pitch at the end of her song.  I credit co-writer Taylor Swift since she can’t hold a tune to save her life!   And of course, we got to hear Ryan bring up the legendary calamari incident one more time!
  • A.C. Slater was in the house! (or Mario Lopez to some of you non-Saved By The Bell fans out there!)
  • Lil was in the bottom 3!
  • I was right 2 weeks in a row!  Watch out for the apocalypse!


  • Flo Rida – There are no words to explain this travesty that unfolded on TV sets across the nation.  First of all, it was pre-taped (no judges or contestants around anywhere).   The woman singer was louder than FLO himself.  The song is pure garbage and totally destroys memories of the 80’s classic tune.  That’s really all I have to say.  I wish I could remember what the acronym ROOTS stood for, because that had me rolling on the floor for awhile.   Rap Overcoming the Struggle?   What was the other O again?   good times.
  • “Can’t Get you Out of My Head” the chosen group song because it was from the year American Idol was born.  Wow.  There is the creative team at work!   I think they actually may have sung live tonight because it sounded HORRENDOUS!!!!   Loved every minute of that train wreck!
  • The JUDGES’ SAVE:  This travesty has to end.  It has to be the most unorganized idea in the history of reality television.  (well either that, or the ability for American Idol to end on time!)   The fact that these Judges do not know how to make a decision right after the performance and Simon cries to Ryan that they don’t know what to do is just getting old and flat out stupid.   Were they really going to save Scott?  Sure, we all feel bad for the guy but it was time for him to go!    I’m starting to hope (as many others have said) that they never use the darn save.   They have 2 more weeks to use it.   Just don’t!   Let the show go on as unpredictable as ever and let the results stand!   Okay, off my soapbox for now!

That’s really all I have tonight kids.  Hope you enjoyed my MINI-Ramblings and I will see you next Tuesday for some more!


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