The Seafood Tasting (SunWE, 6/29/14 Taste) Gather Writing Essentials

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I’m a sucker when it comes to contests

I’m competitive at heart

For this particular go round

I don’t know where to start


There’s a lovely table all set up

With china and silver ware

Four covered dishes

At which I could only stare


We’re all told we have to taste each dish

And describe our sensory reaction

I’m thinking I hope there is no fish

One chance in four, the fraction


What do you know they are all seafood

I’m thinking what do I do

The first one I see is barbequed shrimp

My pallet is delighted , so on to number two


The second dish is deep fried clams

Not nuts for them but I can take it

I’ve had them many times before

So didn’t have to fake it


The third dish is a nice baked scrod

Now this is just delightful

Just enough buttered breadcrumbs

The cook sure was insightful


The fourth dish I open gingerly

I have liked the other three

And there it is, an ugly eel

Staring back at me


Well I can’t tell you how I hate them

No matter how they’re disguised

I had to taste that awful dish

My stomach rejected it, I was not surprised


An Eel

No deal

For real




The Challenge:

I want you to imagine a table of four dishes. You must taste all four foods, and describe how each taste makes you feel. Now here’s the catch. Three of the foods you like, one is disgusting.



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