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Barbara J. Galasso




The long, lazy afternoon stretches her fingers around your imagination and begs you to come out and play. Daylight, shining bright and warm as that lucky old sun does all that heaven asks her to do, giving light, warmth and life. Waves slap the pebble lined shore of the eroded beach circling ragged edges of the little island. Balmy breezes caress a baby’s sun kissed cheek as the day stretches through the afternoon hours. A landscape of pink polka dot bikinis decorates the local beach as a flood of tourists adds new life to an otherwise small seaport town. The blush of a first kiss is lost on the cheek of a pretty little girl by the freckled face neighborhood boy. An ice cream truck circles the block ringing it’s bell again hoping for new customers, but thankful for the same ones he saw just a half hour before. The clap of a cantankerous thundercloud interrupts the quiet of the day displaying more bravado than anything else. Mother Nature teasingly sends forth a few stingy drops of rain barely leaving a light mist behind. A rainbow rises up from the earth hiding from view where it begins and leading to where no one can see. The mystery of life beckons and calls you. Summer has arrived.




Autumn sleeps peacefully throughout the year, waiting to awaken from her slumber. The mild September winds gently rustle the leaves hanging from the trees and invite them to find a new home on the cool, damp earth waiting for their arrival below. The sun -scorched canvas of a forgotten corn field lies at the bottom of the mountain where a tapestry of colors has already given birth to the new season. Life is going on according to schedule and a divine plan is once again set forth where the segments of life are painted with vivid colors gone wild. Blazes of yellow, splashed with orange segments, leaves edged in peppercorn black, emerald greens and ruby slipper reds etch their way through the meadows. Trees reach their arms up to the sky giving praise for the new life they breathe. We welcome fall in all its splendor.




Awash with a blanket of glistening pure white billows of cotton- ball softness, the earth receives its first dusting of snow. With it winter brings a quiet stillness, save for the empty sound of a new born breeze kissing tree tops as it bids the fall goodbye. Not a foot print is to be found on the barren land that stretches for miles and begs for the silence of night to wrap her up in shadows and darkness. The morning sun reveals an artist has paid the earth a visit. Diamond dust sparkles with her spectrum of a rainbow of colors mischievously scattered in every direction begging you to come claim your treasure. But alas, you pick the fragments of diamonds up in your glove and they disappear never to be duplicated again. And so it is with life as we settle in for the winter.




Babies cry, buds are begging to blossom, as a cocoon hangs dangerously low off the tree branch. The smell of just mowed lawns perforates the air and the sky comes alive with biting flies, stinging wasps and noisy bees. Everything that is meant to be born is. Just laundered shirts wave flirtatiously from the clothes line connecting the house to the big old oak tree where young lovers carved initials still stand against the test of time. A just baked apple pie sits precariously on a window sill sending tempting aromas through the air. A dog from the neighbor’s yard responds with persistent barking as the sweet temptation assaults his nostrils. Music blares from the open windows of teenaged packed cars making the older residents of this small hamlet smile as they kick up their heels with a new found spring in their step. And just for a second they remember as spring gives life to new hope.








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