‘The Secret Circle’ Gets Unbound Because of the Crystal Skull

This week The Secret Circle got unbound thanks to John Blackwell and the crystal skull. Will they stay that way or join together again? Unfortunately, the answer isn’t a simple one.

The episode began where last week’s finished. The witch hunters took Faye, threatening to kill her if the circle doesn’t give them what they want. That’s one of the family crystals. Without all them, the witches can’t form the crystal skull.

The circle agrees they can’t give Eben what he wants. They believe they need the crystal skull to gain enough magic to fight the witch hunters.

Diana and Cassie take the last crystal to Blackwell. He strips each crystal of its magic to form skull. The action also unbinds the circle.

Together, Blackwell, Cassie and Diana throw the stripped crystals into the sea. They wait for the skull to appear.

In the meantime, Charles tells Dawn about his vision. That’s when she informs him that Blackwell was behind it. Amelia isn’t haunting him.

They talk about how to save their daughters, but see only one option. They must convince Charles’s mother to restore their magic. She wants to help, but admits their magic got destroyed. So she agrees to give them hers.

While Cassie and Diana deal with the skull, Jake, Adam and Melissa go to the boat where Faye’s being held. Jake gets tired of waiting and attempts to storm the boat on his own. He’s stopped by Adam who discovers his personal magic is back. That’s when the threesome realizes The Secret Circle is unbound.

Once the skull’s finished forming, Blackwell takes it claiming he’ll destroy the witch hunters. Cassie doesn’t believe him and takes the skull herself. She says she’ll kill Eben and Diana supports her. Blackwell disagrees and knocks them unconscious. They wake up in John’s home and struggle to break the spell holding them there.

Back at the boat, Faye’s personal magic has set her free and she searches for a way off the boat. She runs into Jake and Melissa. Adam has gone back for Cassie and Diana.

Unfortunately, Eben catches the trio and ties them to a stake to burn them alive. Charles and Dawn arrive just in time. While Charles battles Eben, Dawn sets the children free.

Taking Eben’s demons, Charles weakens the witch hunter enough for Jake to kill him. Then Charles jumps into the sea, telling Dawn to tell Diana how much he loves her.

Suddenly, all the witches begin burning from the inside out. It’s Blackwell using the crystal skull to kill those witches not of Balcoin blood.

To stop him, Cassie takes drastic action. She tries to kill Diana, knowing her sister’s black magic will jumpstart to save her. It does. The girls then use the skull to kill Blackwell instead.

Afterwards, the witches discuss how to dispose of the skull. They agree that Adam should do it since he’s the only one who’ll avoid its power. Then they talk about rebinding the circle. However, Diana says she wants out. She wants nothing to do with The Secret Circle or with Cassie. She leaves to find her boyfriend, Grant.

That’s when she notices a symbol on the palm of her hand. It’s the Balcoin brand. She’s uncertain what it means but she wants no part of it. She and Grant drive away from Chance Harbour.

Elsewhere, Cassie uses the symbol to channel her dark magic. She can’t resist her dark side.

As the episode ends, another band of witches appears, all with the Balcoin brand on their hands.

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