‘The Secret Circle’ Goes to the Prom

This week, The Secret Circle went to prom. The episode began with the group trying to understand how fellow witch, Nick Armstrong, was back from the dead. Melissa, wants to do whatever it takes to save her boyfriend. However, Nick’s brother, Jake, thinks a demon possesses his sibling’s body.

Blackwell only cares about finding the crystal needed to finish the crystal skull. He tells Cassie it’s hidden within the school and tells her how to find it. Once there, she casts the spell and goes back in time. She sees her mother, Amelia with the crystal. She’s looking for Diana’s mother, Elizabeth. However, the spell ends before Cassie sees anything more.

Cassie convinces Diana she needs her to see the rest of the picture. The reluctant sisters decide to try the spell the next night during prom.

Melissa is the first to arrive at the Blackwell house the night of the prom. Nick is there too. He tells her he is dying and that he needs the crystal to live. She reaches out, promising to help him. However, Adam arrives and scares Nick, who runs away.

As the kids head to prom, Blackwell worries that Charles will stop him from using Diana. He goes to Charles’s house and fakes a phone call from Cassie’s mother. In it, Amelia accuses him of her murder. He stars hallucinating and sees a fire start. It quickly spreads around the kitchen, the same way it did when he killed Amelia. Then, the faucet explodes and water leaks on to the floor. He slips and falls just the way Amelia did. Thinking it’s over, he begs her for forgiveness. However, it’s just an illusion created by Blackwell. Nonetheless, it leaves Charles cowering on the kitchen floor.

At the school, Cassie and Diana cast the spell and watch as their mothers talk about Blackwell. Amelia tells Elizabeth she knows that Diana is John’s daughter. She says he’s responsible for the other four pregnancy’s in the circle as well. He’s trying to create a new circle from their circle’s offspring.

Amelia tells her friend take Diana and run away. Elizabeth tells Amelia she doesn’t trust her anymore. That’s when Amelia takes the crystal to Adam’s grandfather. She tells him she doesn’t need it because she’s taking Cassie away from Chance Harbor. He hides the crystal in the trophy case near the gym, cloaking it from sight.

The spell finished, Cassie and Diana part. Diana tells Cassie she doesn’t trust her either. Dark magic has ruined all their lives. She heads home to find Charles mumbling about Amelia. He confesses to killing Cassie’s mother, making Diana run away.

Cassie tells Adam where to find the crystal. However, Nick gets there first. The Secret Circle follows him to a junk yard. He’s taking the crystal to Eben, the witch hunter.

Cassie wrenches the crystal away from Eben, but not before he sends her flying to the ground. Nick grabs the crystal from her but then Jake takes it from him. A fight ensues. Nick tries to kill Jake. To save him, Melissa daggers her former lover.

The group convenes and Cassie tells them her father was responsible for all of their births. She starts to apologize just as Blackwell appears and picks up the crystal. He tells them they can finish the crystal skull.

Will the circle do as Blackwell says? Will Cassie and Diana find a way to defeat their evil father? Tune in next week to find out.

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