The Silent Stand- Part One

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 The two stood over six feet tall.  Both knew if this encounter was pushed past the point of just eyeing one another, there could be death.  Some instinct was telling them that this encounter, one that should not be,  that was not sought out by either one, rather the result of the folly of others, could easily become a confrontation, one that history would hail as a Great Moment. A moment that  would  alter forever, a way of life that had been the same for both. for hundreds of years.  They had changed. They were still changing, and not because they had wanted it.


 A fierce battle, and very serious one could quite possibly take place. If it did, or did not, the course of life as they knew it, was still going to  be forever changed. Would it be the start of something that would be silently observed, somewhere else in the world? Would it be agreed, somewhere, that the outcome was proper, and just, and a solution?  Would a new precedent be set?  One that may prove fatal for them and  posterity as well? Or would  this meeting possibly secure a new future,  and a new life  for a little longer,  for the two, and all of their kind?  The errors of those they did not know and not seen. had forced them to decide what was to happen, due to events that they had no part in bringing about, and had  caused them to meet? Because their lives were being threatened, but not by each other. But they knew they must settle it for now. They were not friends, but they did something the unseen did not, they respected each other..More the reason to measure each other, and the situation.


 Somehow they knew, while the reasons for this day were not of their doing, the outcome was to be their decision. The sized each other up, studied each other, and knew, this moment was, at this point, theirs alone..  The outcome could bring about many results.  They had to decide. Was it time? The line that had seperated them had moved. Something deep in their souls, some reasoning, beyond the comphrehension of the unseen, was taking place. It was a moment in time. Go ahead. Stay. Or wait. Let this moment pass. Take no action. Or decide.  A combined weight of almost 2,400 lbs. of muscle, and bone stood ready to take action.


 A great silence had begun. Leave all the old ways and traditions behind, or remain resolute in what instinct had taught them? What their mothers had taught them. That this was wrong, disrespectful, and very tremulous for both. Each weighed the situation. Equally concerned. Equally ready to choose, they had to.


They continued to survey each other, breath hot and fast. Hearts beating so very fast. Their children on their minds. Neither took a step. Not one step back, nor one step forward. They searched each other's souls in these moments. They felt all of their instincts come to the surface, all of the alarm bells going off in their minds. An entire world was holding it's breath. On the one side, the forest was mute and expectant, on the other, the barren ground was hard and unforgiving. Each growing smaller.


One had stealth, and the right of territory, and  there was no question of her strength.  Well over six foot tall.  Sharp, and with  penetrating eyes, the "air" of a fighter who was just waiting to win, and who would stop at nothing to do so, if challenged.. No chink in this badge of courage. Her powerful jaws and teeth were terrifying to behold. Her shoulders bulged with well-earned muscle.

Family and a way of life was all that was on this mind. And living life  the same way, which was  now being threatened, or at the very least changed, on the doorstep of her home..

 But in the strangest of ways. Unchallenged most of the time, and always respected terms of occupancy were  had not ever been tested in this way. The way they had come together in this place was unnatural,  and they both knew the reason was not their doing. They did not know this by any thought pattern , they 'sensed' the presence of a force that neither one could defeat. Something else was dominating this meeting, the need to survive.  To carry on the very existence of their kind. These two beast souls knew that, and the thoughts of their  young were paramount in their hearts.


The white  one who had stumbled to this line,  beautiful in her confusion at being in this situation, here at this line not ever crossed, also over six foot tall, uncomfortable in these  unfamiliar surroundings, capable of killing with one blow, was waiting.  Waiting for a sign from the other. Waiting for her heart and soul to guide her. Instinct had brought her here, though she had been unsure, a very new feeling for her.

 Ready to battle if she must. Ready to turn and go if she must. But knowing that in doing so, her kind may leave the Earth forever.  Forced to this point, by the unseen. The unseen that they both were aware of, and both unable to fight . They could only fight each other..and  the situation they were in. They were involved by fate. One they had no part in bringing about. A destiny not planned.


This is the story of the Meeting of the Bears. One white as snow, the other brown as chocolate.  What happens to them is fictional, in this story, but has almost happened, and very likely will again, and in the very near future. That is the reason for this story.

 As you read, you will come to realize, that WE, the reader's, can control the unseen force that they are dealing with.  We the readers,  sadly,  we are part of  the unseen.  As you read, you must decide if you have what these two, brought together by situations not created by them, and not by their own decisions, have inside of you.

 Courage, and the will to fight. Fight for yourselves, and for them.. A battle to save them, and the place they call home.  It is disappearing.. A warning for us.

 We too, are in the midst of a  confrontation..The likes of which we have never seen.. And the cost is huge, the result will be ours, if we move, and devastingly so if we do not, we have to…

When you have finished this story, please feel free to comment , and to critique. I hope you enjoy this story. And I hope you take away from it something very important. Something these two courageous mothers have given us. A warning, and a lesson.  Showing us a  possible way to peace, a way to survive and get along. New ways to live together in this shrinking  world. Giving up something, but gaining something very important. Time.. Time to stop certain death for all of us. For posterity…We all have something to "Stand" for..They will show you. In their way, in Nature's way, and perhaps God's way. Your decision. But first the story and battles of the Two Bears.. I am off to Part Two..Thanks Ellen B




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