The Simpson’s Matt Groening: He Doesn’t Know the Location of the Simpsons Family

Fans of the long running animated show, “The Simpsons”, thought a mystery had finally been solved—where the town of Springfield is located. Some fans thought the show’s creator, Matt Groening, said that Springfield was located in Oregon, his home state.

Now it seems that fans are in the dark once again, since Groening has said they aren’t really located in Oregon. According to E! Online he said, “I have no idea where the hell it is. Like all Americans, I flunked geography.” He is content to let fans draw their own conclusions about where to find Springfield.

One of the fun things about the Simpsons is the mystery. After 23 years on the air, fans still have no idea and the writers have kept us guessing. Show producer, Al Jean, pointed out that in the Simpsons film, Springfield was said to border Ohio, Nevada, Maine, and Kentucky. Impossible, but still entertaining to speculate. Will the writers reveal the location when the show goes off the air? Hopefully not—why mess with a good thing?

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