The Situation from ‘Jersey Shore’ redefining GTL (it means gym, tan, lawsuit now)

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The Situation from the cast of “Jersey Shore” has redefined the meaning of GTL. The acronym that previously stood for the catch phrase “gym, tan, laundry” seems to mean “gym, tan, lawsuit” now. Celeb gossip sources from around the world are saying the iconic Guido is suing the Devotion Vodka company for failing to pay him money he is owed for having helped their company become a success by giving them his celebrity endorsement.

Sitch gave his public blessing to the brand and says he made good on all contractual obligations to faithfully promote the liquor. He claims they failed to keep up their part of the financial bargain to pay him for marketing appearances and special promotions. Now, they’ve got a real situation on their hands legally as the reality television star’s lawyers are ready to rock and roll.

TMZ reports Mike Sorrentino (The Situation himself) is, “… suing the company behind the product for allegedly screwing them out [of] millions of dollars. Sitch recently filed a lawsuit against Devotion Spirits—a company he inked an endorsement deal with back in 2010.” The entertainment news tabloid says the star claims he was supposed to own a 10% stake in the company, but that he only received 8%. It seems that party boy profits were supposed to be included as well; Sitch (by contrast) was supposed to have $400,000 buyback option on the company’s two-year anniversary that he was denied.

Now, the MTV reality show star is suing to collect his fiscal rewards. The lawsuit estimates that is 10% ownership stake is worth roughly $5 million. Since the television series was canceled and Seaside Heights was wiped out by Hurricane Sandy in November of 2012 (preventing him from pursuing any spin-offs of the series), it is probably a good time for him to be cashing in on his celebrity fame and getting paid for all those past endorsement contracts while people can still remember his name.

For those of you who have forgotten it already, he was the “Jersey Shore” cast member that actually competed with honor on “Dancing With The Stars.”

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