“The Smurfs” Teaser Trailer Premiere VIDEO


Yesterday, the teaser trailer for the new flick The Smurfs premiered and you can see it above. And, like any other adapted children’s story goes, you won’t be the least bit surprised as to what the trailer has to offer. With voices from Katy Perry (barf), Neil Patrick Harris (yum), and many others, the trailer tries to accomplish what every other comedy with a ridiculous plot attempts: to be funny.

The trailer opens with an exaggerated (then again, these voices always are) voice-over narration with epic, intense music layered over images of international monuments turning blue: “Prepare Yourself. For Something BIG. Something Magical. Because next Summer our world is about to get… SMURF’D. In 3D.”

This technique has been used aggressively by ridiculous films like Cats and Dogs and Alvin and the Chipmunks. The trailer opens with what is first believed to be a new, epic summer blockbuster like Transformers or Iron Man, where the world is at peril from evil forces and shit blows up left and right. But, no, we are all very soon disappointed by yet another children’s adaptation full of poor animated animals and creatures that we all hoped would end during our childhood.

Trailers and films like these just reinforce Hollywood’s unoriginal ideas and obsession with tentpole films. Sometimes it works, very often it does not. Moms, take your children to see The Smurfs, but please don’t ask your babysitter or child’s adult niece/newphew to do so. We’re too good for such Hollywood trash. The Smurfs will be released July 29, 2011.

What do YOU think of the teaser? Are you going to see this film and WHY?! Let me know!


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