The Spiritual Political Party

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There is a growing movement in New Thought Spirituality for a political party which would represent the peaceful and all encompassing views of modern spirituality. Now, more than ever the spiritual community has become a powerful political force as social networks have bridged the gaps between all the spiritual theologies of the world, forming a worldwide spiritual connection of millions of like minded individuals.

Monique Gladue of Montgomery, Alabama reaffirmed this sentiment when she was asked if there was a need for a Spiritual Party by saying;

“There is a great need for a new spiritual political affiliation, Just look at the recession figures 6.6 Million unemployed over 6 months!”

Monique is not alone and many others describe this movement as a “Great Need” and are following Gandhi’s example of being the change they wish to see in the world by speaking up about this. As the numbers of people who are straying from traditional thought is increasing every day, this party is something that will have to eventually take form.

If this spiritual party would organize itself, you would see some of the most incredible foreign and domestic policy in modern history. As it has been said there agenda would be to revamp the economy, legalize anything that does not harm another person, improve the environment exponentially and increase world peace efforts a billion fold. A sentiment that is not exclusive to the spiritual community as this movement is sweeping the world across all party lines.

Basing their ideology on Universal principles, spirituality sights vast similarities of thought and not the semantically differences of theologies. They welcome all people of peace no matter what title they call their spiritual practices. That being said the fundamentals of non judgmental unity is mandatory. Meaning that everyone is free to follow their own path and are not to push their ideals on any one else that is not inviting them to do so, another ideal that appeals to many non-spiritual people.

The thing that is stopping this movement is not public opinion, it is organization. As new age leaders in general are more about passively teaching rather than becoming influential leaders. A principle that Napoleon Hill (one of the original founders of this movement), stated over a 100 years ago as a necessary step to success.

“First comes thought; then organization of that thought, into ideas and plans; then transformation of those plans into reality. The beginning, as you will observe, is in your imagination”. ~ Napoleon Hill

Although, Imagination is abundant, the organization is still yet to be formed and the muscle of the spiritual communities numbers have yet to be harnessed. If there can be a Green party, a Tea Party and an independent party; Why can’t the growing majority of the spiritual have their own party as well? Isn’t choice and change what elected America’s last President? Shouldn’t everyone’s voice be heard? Especially those in as great of numbers as the spiritual community is. Is freedom a Principle ideal or an ideal of a Principal? Only time will tell how many more will stand up and organize themselves and be counted as a part of this emerging political powerhouse.

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