The Stock Market Dec. 1: US Futures Climb on Asia-Pacific Rally

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Dec.1: The stock market is poised for another day of gains. Fueled by the Central Bank and an Asia-Pacific rally, futures and shares of stock in the Dow Jones Index and S&P point towards a positive opening.

The Stock Market Today: Will Stock Shares and Futures Repeat Gains?

For starters, Asian markets reaped the benefits of a unilateral approach to global fiscal policy with a rally of its own. Earlier on Wednesday when US stock markets surged on the news from the Federal Reserves’ Central Banks, it was a matter of time before the Asia-Pacific followed the same trend.

Global pressure is being put on Europe as it tries to ward off a financial meltdown with its falling euro.

The good news with market stock has much to do with the European Union taking more of a proactive and aggressive role in oversight with individual euro zone regions. By doing so, policies that adhere to strict guidelines will be put in place, according to CNN Money.

Hong Kong’s Hang Sang Index (ticker symbol: HSI) led the way with a robust surge of nearly 6%, as the Asia-Pacific markets fed off the Dow Jones Index, NYSE, and S&P gains in the US, citing a Bloomberg News report.

It was followed by China’s Shanghai SE Composite Index (ticker symbol: SHCOMP) with gains of 3.4%, while the Nikkei 225 Stock Average (ticker symbol: N225) enjoyed gains of 2.4%. And just when world leaders began eyeing China for not doing its share in shoring up economic pitfalls, the country revisits its own fiscal policies for future growth.

Average Share Price at the Stock Exchange Rises Along with the Dow Jones?

Stock futures are a tricky thing when securities are being traded in the open market. The Dow Jones Industrial Averages have been treading a thin line with domestic and international stock market influences.

But as economies of the world become global by seeking partnerships and strategic alliances, more pressure is put on the Fed and central banks to throw in lifelines. As such, the stock market today is eyeing a country’s every move. In the stock market, a 400-point gain can be easily offset by a 600-point loss with any news of international unrest.

US stock shares and futures for Thursday, Dec. 1, 2011 are trending high as of 1:04 a.m. EST. Bank of America (ticker symbol: BAC) and JP Morgan Chase & Company (ticker symbol: JPM) are leading the way (on heavy volume) for financials.

Market Watch on Wall Street

Stock futures for Caterpillar Inc (CAT) are up over 8% from the previous close. And both General Electric Co (ticker: GE) and Walt Disney Co/The (Dis) are expected to continue modest gains from yesterday.

“The global monetary policy backdrop is turning more favorable. This is all in the context of undervalued markets, so there are some good things happening but the key ingredient remains Europe and what happens there,” said Boston stock market strategist David Joy on the stock market.


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