The Story – Original Collage Group #4, The Dandelion

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Once upon a time, in a place not very far away (Reno to be exact), there lived a very lonely leprechaun. Sure, he had his pot of gold under the rainbow that always shined in the dandelion fields, but that wasn’t enough.

One day, in his pursuit of more wealth, he was at Caesar’s Palace counting cards, but before he was caught, he saw the most beautiful leprecauness he’d ever seen. He took her to his dandelion field abode and made passionate advances toward her. Then, being the gallant lep he was, he made a decent woman of her and they married in the Elvis Chapel.

Life was good. At least until a man came to the dandelion field and mowed it down, turning all into a wonderful green grass and flower park.

Fortunately, the leprechaun and his wife knew ahead of town and left Reno to search for a new dandelion patch; a place where they could safely hide their pot of gold from the destroyer of their first home.


The Moral to this story is, watch out for Sweet William.

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