THE STREAM-Chapter I-Part three

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THE STREAM-Chapter I-Part three

(final segment)

Once upon a September even

  a mother read the Psalms

to her daughter, then they prayed.

Afterwards they stood together

  on the porch.

And they gazed down through

the frosted moon light

  to their canyon stream.

  “Oh Mama”, she pointed, “look!”

  “Its like a necklace, yes.”

  Yes and yes and yes!

While they watched it glistened.

While they watched it gleamed,

  winding through the breaks

  beyond the trees

  …as far as they could see.


“Father in Heaven,” she whispered

  later, upon her bed,

after she had prayed for Mom and Dad and all,

and told Him in her sweetest way

  her love for him was pure.

“I thank you for the answer to my prayers.”


  God’s breeze smiled out through His meadow

    after visiting Beth there

  God’s stream chuckled in the darkness

    at an owl,

    sparkling like diamonds

    in the full moon’s glow,

winding through her Father’s kingdom

to His river far below.


“Oh Father in Heaven I love you so!”




This first narative poem: THE STREAM, written for our daughter Mary in 1985 would not be complete without the introductory remarks to her, written then and included now in this Gather presentation.


The Stream

By William R. Dickgraber

For Mary

Christmas 1985


Dear Mary

  When we become born again we are a part of the family of God and with this relationship is the gift of spiritual sight. None but the child of God can understand spiritual things.

In His Creation around us we are priveleged to see the wonderous design of the Master Craftsman yet we see more than that, we see the Divine hand of providence, and even more than that, the hand of sovereignty and power. In the midst of it like a jewel is the Church. Like a sun, everything spins around his chosen ones and this is because we are the bride of His Son.

You will understand more and more of this as you grow in years and in maturity in Christ. I love you Mary, with all my heart, yet never, never with Our Father’s love!

                          Dad/ Christmas 85

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My "Abba" Father conquored my heart in a log church in Montana over 40 years ago. Ordained in 1968, God has always used me on the front-line in difficult ministry. My favorite music is the wind soughing through the jackpines...preferably Montana.

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