THE STREAM – Chapter I – Part two

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THE STREAM – Chapter I – Part Two

(continuing from Chapter I – Part one)

The next week

They went on a September day picnic,

  walked the spring on down.

Stream chuckled out its greeting

  misting at its falls,

then yawned out through the meadow

  winding from side to side.

And they floated to the ground

  a blanket -

laughed until they cried

  at the ants in the chicken,

then lay down side by side.


A sheen across the meadow

  reflected in Beth’s hair -

Soft Breeze sifted out through Meadow

  after visiting them there.

Then they rose to fish the eddys

  and they skipped the agate rock.

He pointed out the eagle.

  They heard the eagle talk.


Yes, this was a world worth living

and something that wasn’t store bought.


Dad thanked God for the season,

  Mom kissed him on the cheek

  and thanked him for moving

to their home above the creek.


Beth ran to a log near the water

  “Oh, its so nice out here.”

She listened to her parents -

  “They’re nice anywhere!”


Then she lay down on her back

  in the glisten – stretching there,

and grazed with the white clouds

  above her

through the blues of a sky most fair.


Soft Breeze softly touched her

  sifted through her hair,

and Meadow gently held her

  as she slept there.


When Beth awoke the sun had

crossed the canyon leaving everything

in evening blues but the wall beyond the stream,

  a wash in mellow gold.


A mule deer doe, her yearling,

a forked horn and two

stopped beside her

  in the grass.

She watched them as they poised,

  looking her over all together.

Then passed for a drink of water,

filing up the slope before her

  through the trees.

The brook trout in the meadow

popped the deep pools as they fed

- the far wall now a red.


Mom called Beth, “We’re leaving”.

  They stood arm in arm.

Beth ran up to meet them,

  they all stood arm in arm.


Chapter I Part three (final)


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