The Stupidist Show on Television?

The subject of television came up at work today, with most people (including me) saying the standard "I don't watch much television." I don't know about my co-workers, but I was lying. I don't like to lie and I usually don't, but I'm not going to admit to my co-workers what I watch on television. I'd probably get fired because of stupidity.

I like news shows, true crime documentaries and (here's the kicker) reality shows. And the television goes in my house all the time. Hubby works at night and I keep it on for company. I even sleep with the t.v. on, usually turned to court t.v. or msnbc. Anyway, the fact that I watch so much t.v. (and possibly to ease my guilt over my lie) led me to come up with what I think are the ten stupidest television shows. Here's my list:

1. Date My Ex
This Bravo reality show is even too stupid for me. I did watch it once out of curiosity. I had seen the annoying character, a golddigger named Jo, in "Real Housewives of Orange County." That show had chronicled her break-up with her rich fiance. Now, her fiance is trying to choose her next boyfriend. What guy would be on this kind of show?

2. Look Alike
Again, even too stupid for me. I sometimes have to watch as it airs on the TV Guide Channel. You can't escape it if you want to see what's on t.v. that night. Basically, celebrity wannabe's are made over to look like famous people. Then, they have a big photo shoot.

3. Most of C-Span
It's Congress. Enough said.

4. Fishing Shows
The excitement just can't be captured on camera, I guess. I know some people will disagree on this one. The host of a fishing show, I think it was Bill Dance, was at a local store a few years ago and the parking lot was so full I thought a super clearance was going on.

5. American Gladiators
My husband watches this. I don't know why. I remembered it being rather stupid as a syndicated show back in the 90s. I read somewhere that Bill Clinton really liked this show. It must be a man thing.

6. The Bold and the Beautiful
I used to be a fan of this show, but it lost all credibility when Taylor, who had been shot and buried with an open casket, showed up alive. and she came home to her husband only to find that he had married his ex-stepmother and was helping her raise the child she had by her son-in-law. And no, this family did not live in Tennessee or Kentucky.

7. Supernanny
I think the kids used in this show are really actors, not real families. People don't change that quickly. I've tried some of Supernanny's tactics and they never work.

8. The Disney Games
This is my niece's favorite so I have to watch it every Saturday night. It kind of reminds me of the old "Battle of the Network Stars" in the 70s. Stars of Disney Channel shows are divided into four teams and compete against each other. I must, by order of said niece, cheer for the red team. If the team looses, niece takes it personal. At the end, the Jonas Brothers sing a song.

9. Hell's Kitchen
I hope the things that happen on this show don't happen at the places where I eat. Yuck!

10. The Moment of Truth
Why would anyone want to be on this show? It's really bad. I think the contestants are very self-absorbed. (My apologies to any of you that might have been on it…) Lie detectors aren't admissible in court. And they don't make good party favors either.

Okay, feel free to weight in on your own stupid list. Or go ahead and slam me if I've put your favorite show on my list.

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