The Sun Zebra, by Rolando Garcia

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A lovely collection of short stories penned by a father, Rolando Garcia’s The Sun Zebra is sweet, interesting, soothing and fun. Where another adult might feel too old or too serious to play, this father sits down among the toys, runs around the playground, and allows his imagination to delight in his daughter’s mysteries. Can there really be a zebra on the farm? He’s willing to look—well, willing might be a strong word for it but he knows it’s probably his turn. Mother, father and daughter form a perfectly ordinary family, made extraordinary by the light of the author’s pen and the generous spirit of a parent’s words.

Refreshing, told in an honest self-deprecating voice, with pleasing reminiscences of the author’s own childhood interspersed in present experience, this collection of five short tales is easy to pick up, hard to put down, and as bright and lively as sunshine falling on flowers. The dialog’s natural, the childhood mysteries are genuine, and the writing’s beautifully lyrical. Plus each story really does have a gentle surprise in its tail, and there really might be zebras on the farm if we look for them.


Disclosure: I received a free ecopy of this book from the author and promised an honest review. I’m just sorry it took me so long.

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