The Surprising Reason Why Kate Gosselin Is Tweeting Jon’s Ex

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Kate Gosselin is very active on Twitter. She uses the social networking site to keep in touch with her fans, but it appears that she is also keeping in touch with an unlikely person—Jon’s ex-girlfriend!

No, she wasn’t tweeting with Ellen Ross, but rather Hailey Glassman, according to Radar Online. You may remember Glassman from a few years back, who started dating Jon soon after he and Kate split. The two had a crazy relationship which lasted only a year. It ended with rumors of a ransacked apartment and alleged money owed which isn’t exactly the best way to end things.

It’s safe to assume that Kate didn’t exactly get along with Hailey for a while, but now that the two are tweeting, it looks like things may be different. So, what are the women tweeting about? Recipes.

Kate Gosselin is known for putting her own spin on recipes and there was one in particular that Hailey liked, tweeting to the mother of eight, “Hey @kateplusmy8 can you share the recipe for the ‘Monkey Munch.’ It’s so yummy, my mom & I never seem to make it as tasty as you did.”

Kate replied, directing Glassman to the Chex website where the recipe originated. While it may not be the friendliest of tweets, it’s still something. Do you find it odd that the two women are tweeting? Recently, Jon sided with an individual that Kate Gosselin was feuding with on Twitter, so is this just her way of getting back at him?

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