‘The Talk’ Sharon Osbourne: Secret “Boobie” Leave of Absence!

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Sharon Osbourne revealed plenty on “The Talk” about her leave of absence from the talk show. Recently, Osbourne disappeared from “The Talk,” which left everyone wondering why she really left the show.

Producers explained her absence by telling audience viewers that Sharon Osbourne was spending “time with her rocker husband Ozzy Osbourne.” Really? Did you believe that?

However, the truth has been revealed! Osbourne explained, “One morning I woke up and one of my boobies was kind of much longer than the other … So I’m thinking, this isn’t right.” Yes, there was obviously something wrong with her implant.

Osbourne immediately made an appointment with the doctor and discovered that one of her breast implants had “leaked into the wall of my stomach.” The popular daytime talk show host was forced to take a leave of absence from the show, but producers didn’t feel that it was appropriate for them to reveal the nature of Sharon Osbourne’s departure.

Of course, the celebrity is very open, and most people would realize that Sharon would be more than willing to chat about her “boobies” when she returned to the show. And she did!

Does Osbourne miss her breast implants? Nope! She stated emphatically, “I don’t feel like I have a water bed laying on my chest anymore.” Well, okay then! Thanks for sharing, Sharon. She is so funny. You never know what she will say!

One thing is for sure, Sharon Osbourne looks much flatter than before, and it is A-okay!

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