The ‘Teen Moms’ Give Financial Advice

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With only two episodes of Teen Mom left, fans are anxious to catch any unaired footage. This week on the after show, the girls talked about finances and shared some advice.

Farrah Abraham shared a story about when she got scammed. She ended up losing over $3,000 to a scam, and the situation left her shaken. So much so that when she was on the phone, she left Sophia unattended and she ended up falling off the bed! After the scam, Farrah decided that she needs to be more thrifty and tries her hand at making her own clothes. Anyone who has seen Farrah Abraham’s style knows that stitching a wardrobe for her from scratch would not be easy, and she ends up giving up.

All of the girls agreed that moving back home is a great way to save money, but not something that they would want to do. Farrah, Catelynn, and Maci have all experienced living on their own, and they know how big of a difference it is from living with your parents to living on your own.

Catelynn Lowell talked about her first job and the realization of paying bills on your own. That is not something teens often think about, and hearing the Teen Moms talk about it can certainly give them a new perspective. Maci Bookout also talked about paying bills and how it is hard to get into a routine of paying them.

Interestingly, Maci Bookout also opened up about child support, another factor that not all teen parents think about.

Watch the clip below and see what else the girls had to say about finances.

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